Best 3 Methods to Remove Bookmarks From Chrome

Bookmarking in browsers is just a familiar thing that we always do. “How to remove bookmarks from Chrome” have all that you always want to know for deleting bookmarks from Chrome.

Truly every browser has a fast and easy way to save pages and webpages; all this saving does by bookmarks. Many times we won’t show a few bookmarks to anyone else for security purposes.

How to remove bookmarks from Chrome

Designers have introduced a few tools for deleting web browsers’ bookmarks permanently. These tools are dedicated and fully recommended for everyone. If a person wants to delete his bookmarks a few times, and later he/she wants to have them back, then it is also possible to do.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful? if you can delete your determined bookmarks in Google Chrome? Here we are especially present with some genuine ways to delete bookmarks in Google Chrome permanently by a third-party tool.

How to Remove Bookmarks From Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most common web browser that is used widely. Google develops Chrome with great features that are all working great. Basically, Google Chrome is a light weighted browser and considerable for all types of Windows and mobiles.

Truly it does not allow you to delete bookmarks permanently by the native interface. After all if still, if someone wants to delete its bookmarks, then he can try a dedicated tool “Stellar BitRaser for the file.”

Features of Stellar BitRaser for file:

Basically, this one is a third-party data-erasing tool that can easily erase your Chrome data permanently; including flies, system traces, internet activities, apps, and many more with a single chance of recovery.

  • Further, it offers us a great line of highly secured algorithms along with generates. Even it gives you an erase certificate after completing the operation.
  • This data eraser works automatically and processes all scheduled tasks.
  • All types of well-known browsers are supporting Bitraser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Almost all types of usual Windows versions are capable to run this third-party bookmark deleting the app.
  • This is very simple to excess that can easily delete your unwanted bookmarks with a single click. The main plus-point of this tool is its versatility; not only Google but it can also work with other web browsers to remove bookmarks permanently.
  • It can delete all types of formatted bookmarks from the external drive.

All our ways are absolutely trusted and working, though without letting you bore, let us start our first method.

Method NO – 1:

First, download this advanced bookmarks eraser “Stellar BitRaser”, especially for windows files.

Now, launch it simply. A left panel is a great option for removing bookmarks from Google Chrome. Press the “Internet activities” option from the list of all other options.

This option gives a complete list of saved bookmarks, but you have to select only those you want to delete by your right-clicking.

Select the “delete” option and erase all your undesired bookmarks easily. Further, we may also search for specific bookmarks in the search bar and can delete them easily from Chrome.

Method No – 2:

How to remove bookmarks from Chrome

There is no need of launching bookmark manage but can find your saved bookmarks from the particular list. To delete bookmarks from Google Chrome quietly press the hamburger icon (three vertical dots) to go to the menu.

Now, select the bookmark section and have a clear idea about all your saved bookmarks. Tap right-click on a bookmark in order to delete permanently and lastly press the “Delete” button for confirmation.

Look how easy this method is. This method makes you able to delete all your desired bookmarks one by one or you can choose the “select all option” to delete all in one shot.

Method No – 3:

How to remove bookmarks from Chrome

Last but not least method that you are about to is absolutely fast and easy. With the help of this method, you can easily delete all your unwanted bookmarks in Google Chrome easily. If anyone has a bunch of bookmarks and he doesn’t want to delete them all at once then he can visit all these for deleting.

Open up the page bookmark page with all highlighted stars (available as the top righter corner) of your page. When you click a star then you have a bookmark option. At this point tap “remove” in order to delete a bookmark instantly from the list.


You know what?  With the help of the Google Chrome native interface, you must have a lot of effort and time to invest. Otherwise, you will never be able to delete your bookmarks from Chrome. Certainly, third-party tools are also working great for this deleting purpose.

Here we have recommended Stellar BitRaser to delete your bookmarks permanently. Keep in mind that all our above methods won’t make you able to have your bookmark selection again in your list.

These all methods are highly urbane and legal, though there is no need to worry to use them. Please go and try all these and let us know which method you liked by reading “How to remove bookmarks from Chrome?”

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