How to Setup Recurring Meeting in Microsoft Teams [Step By Step Guide]

Meetings are integral part of business and communication. So, you may need to participate or arrange meetings of different types.

And the process is smooth using Microsoft Teams. In fact, you can set meetings and also can repeat them. Some of the meetings held occasionally while some others are frequent.

Setting up a meeting is not a big deal at all. Especially in Microsoft Teams. But when you are to set meeting often, it is better to use the recurring meeting feature.

But, do you know How to Setup Recurring Meeting in Microsoft Teams?

If not, you must go through this post. Here you will get your answer. At the same time, you will know many more information that you can apply in real-life. Let’s check them out.

Brief Guide on How to Setup Recurring Meeting in Microsoft Teams?

The process is effortless. And one you set the recurrence of meetings, it will be held on the preset time. You need not to set the meeting manually again and again.

Applying the meeting recurrence, you are free of worries. Whenever the meeting time appears, you will get notification. Accordingly, you can take preparation to attend the meeting.

Check the steps below to set recurring meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Teams. Now, click on the Meetings option. Next, select Schedule of a meeting. It is the process of fixing a meeting date and time.

After meeting selection, you have to save the meeting.

Step 2

Once you have saved the meeting, you have to click on Share via Outlook. It will bring the outlook calendar on your device’s screen.

Then, you have to double-click on Teams meeting. It will open the settings page. Find out the repeat option. Check the drop-down menu to customize the meeting settings.

According to your needs, you can set the meeting in different intervals. It could be daily, weekly or even monthly, too. And then click on the save button.

You are done.

Advantages of Online Meetings

In this present context, the numbers of online [or virtual] meetings have increased to a great extent. People opt for the online meetings for various reasons.

Some of the key advantages are explained here in brief.

Effortless Communication

Now, you do not need to visit the office or the meeting venue. Instead, you can attend a meeting from anywhere of the world. Being a virtual meeting, you simply need to have a computer (or a smartphone) alongside an active internet. In this way, communication becomes effortless through Microsoft Teams.


For future use, you can record the entire meeting. It saves your time, effort and energy. When you record a meeting, you can play it as much as you want. Thus, you get the necessary information for your needs. Also, you do not need to manually keep the meeting record or write the meeting minutes.

Easy Availability

On the other part, online meetings are easily available and accessible for almost everyone. Using several software, the online meetings are held virtually. You need to download and install the software on your device. Most importantly, you can avail both premium and free versions. According to your needs, you can get the one.

Saves Your Time

Online meetings also save time for the users. In fact, time is synonymous to money. The time you spend to attend a meeting could be turned into something productive. In that sense, you are making money. Thereby, people all over the world are using the virtual meeting tools to save time.

Simultaneously, you can set a meeting anytime you want or need. There is no time limitations or regional restrictions. Since this is a virtual event, anyone from any location can join.

Any Negatives?

Well. There are certain negative aspects available of online meeting. They are listed here.

  • No personal contact
  • Chances of cyber threats
  • Inappropriate for people with tech illiteracy
  • Misinterpretation
  • Needs strong internet connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Tablet to Join MS Teams Meeting?

Of course, you can join with your tablet. But you need to follow certain conditions. First of all, you should have access to the camera and microphone of your tablet. Besides, you must have an active and strong internet connection.

How Can I Raise Hand During A Teams Meeting?

Raising hand during a meeting on Microsoft Teams is easier. You can do it both in your laptop and smartphone.

While you are in a meeting, you have to click on the three dots on the bottom of the screen. It will raise your hand. The other participants will see a raising hand on your feed. Accordingly, they will allow you to share your thoughts.

How to Mention Someone in Microsoft Teams?

It’s an easy process. If you want to mention someone in Microsoft Teams chat, you have to use “@.” And then, names will appear. Select the name you want to mention. You are done.

Last Words

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