Sony Adds XMB in Vaio Laptops

One of the leading tech giants, Sony Group Corporation, also known as Sony, will add the Xross Media Bar (XMB) to its Vaio laptops.


Earlier, the tech giant added the XMB to its iconic PlayStation 3, and the addition brought great success for the gaming device.

From now on, the Vaio FW series will feature Vaio Media+ software. It comes with three functions. They are “move along, scroll up, and scroll down.”

The features were available on the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Sony is the leading brand that thinks and cares for its customers. So, considering the comfort of the customers, the company invents devices. As part of the initiative, this XMB is the latest addition. The other brands are also working toward the same goal.

Also, you can connect your Vaio FW laptops to the DNLA servers. Surprisingly, the PlayStation 3 and PSP share the same features.

No surprise that Sony may add the feature to its Bravia television sets. In that case, it would be more functional, user-friendly, and attractive, as well.

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