Top 10 Best Software For Windows 10

The latest updated version of OS from Microsoft is Windows 10. Here you find a revitalize windows start menu with a customization facility. After clicking on the menu bar there you will notice a spacious area where this OS allows you to keep your most favorite software.

Now you may fall in dilemma on what type of software you will allow on your favorite list. We come up with a list of top 10 best software for windows 10. Our enlisted best 10 software based on free version’s usefulness, user-friendliness, quality of service, ability to complete daily necessary tasks, etc. 

Best 10 software for Windows 10 in 2020


Windows 10


Here is the top10 best software that we found amazingly friendly to run on your Windows 10.

1.  Windows Defender

So, what you wish to allow on your 1st favorite choice list? As a conscious user, we hope that your first choice will be security software. So, we also enlist a free antivirus software offering by Microsoft for its genuine Windows users. This antivirus is known as the windows defender and promised to provide complete anti-malware protection. 

2. LibreOffice or OpenOffice

You may know the most used Microsoft Office in the world, but this office suite software you will not find it as the free version. So, when you have no intention to spend money behind this, you may consider it’s alternative free one like LibreOffice or OpenOffice. The task you can do in the MS- Office like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, you will find the alternative like  Writer, Impress Calc, Draw, Math and Base in the LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

3. CCleaner

Whenever you operate your PC, there will be a possibility to fill with various junk files. These types of junk files lie behind your computer’s own behavior. By this software, you can clean cookies, temporary files, and also history from the browsers. Also, It helps to wipe out the temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard,  log files, DNS cache, etc.

4. Download manager

Surely, you don’t like the empty hard disk so, for you, we bring this amazing software that helps you to download anything from the internet. Here the software named download manager featured with some useful tools which provide you uninterrupted service. So, whenever your download paused due to net connection fall don’t worry you can resume your download from where it stopped. 

5. Mailbird Free

To handle the email, you can use this software named Mailbird Free. Here you find a sleek and user-friendly interface. Apart from this, you will get features like a customization facility with multiple color themes, integrated with (Evernote, Wunderlist Dropbox, Google Calendar), Speed reader, and attachment search facilities.

6. VLC

Another software you must need when you wish to run audio, video, or other multimedia files. Here the software we chose for you is VLC and it helps you to play all types of multimedia formats. In addition, you can able to control for video, subtitle synchronization, and audio & video filters.

7. 7-zip Archiver

Whenever we download any files sometimes it will not download to our usable formate. Although you find the built-in function for archive files in your windows, 7-Zip is more amazing than the built-in. Here you will get support to unzip almost all types of files.

8. Notepad ++

Albeit taking notes is pretty much easy in windows 10 built-in Notepad, but you can do many advances things with this advanced version. Here we talk about Notepad++, which facilitates you by customizable GUI, can find out, own highlighted and folding rules, multi-view, playback, and macro recording.

9. Chrome

Another software you must need in your pc is the browser. Here you can choose chrome as your browser because of its multitasking, lots of extension facility (150000+), auto-complete search quires, and many more features.

10. Audacity (Audio Editor)

Audacity allows doing many things with the audio file like reduce or remove background noise, merge and split the file, and can view and select frequencies through spectrogram view mode.

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