How to Turn off Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad?

Location service on iPhone is of great help. It enables the user to track their phone at any times. Also, you can track the device if it is lost.

But at times, the location service may appear troublesome for the users. They may not feel comfortable as they are always being tracked. In such cases, it is necessary to turn off the location service.

But do you know How to Turn off Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad?

I guess, most of my readers are unaware of this matter in particular. So, do not worry any more. In this post, you will get a solid idea about the process.

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How to Turn off Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad?

Go to the Settings option of your iPhone or iPad. Then go to Privacy. The first option under the Privacy section is Location Services.

If the Location Services is enabled, disable it. Alternatively, you can enable the service if it is disabled.

You are done.

App Permission

There are certain applications which need location service. In fact, they cannot function without the location service enabled. So, you may need to enable the permission for those apps.

You can also set the apps to ask permission when you launch them.

To Stop The Service For Any Specific App

Moreover, you can stop the service for specific apps. For instance, when you will use any app, the app will use the location service. As a result, this would be possible to track you.

To avail the service, go to your phone Settings. From there, go to the Privacy option and then to the Location Services.

Enable the service

Now, find the app you want to track the location. Select the app. It will enable the app to use the location service.

Advantages of Location Services

You know, using location services is of great benefit to the iPhone users. Besides, the service is also a preferable one for the business organizations.

Let’s check some of the key benefits of location services.

Accurate Information

While using certain apps, you need accurate information. Unless the location service is not enabled, you cannot have it. For instance, using google maps may require your location. Otherwise, you will not get the accurate location on the map.

Also, the ride sharing apps need the location service for accuracy. If you are a service provider, you cannot find your rider. Alternatively, the client may also not find you if you are not using the location.


Moreover, you can share your locations if you have enabled this service. If you are in any trouble, you can send your location to your near and dear ones. Accordingly, they can help you to get rid of the issues. Further, you are traceable when using the service.

The law enforcers will be able to track your location. And they can extend their helping hand when you are in trouble. But if the location service is disabled, you are not getting the supports.

Personalized Message

Besides, using the location service, the business organizations can send personalized messages. They can send tailored message to their intended clients. If you need any specific goods or services, you can receive the message from the service provider. The location service helps the organizations to customize their message and deliver to the potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Phone Be Tracked Without Location Service?

Of course, your phone is trackable unless it is switched off. If you are living in any particular area, your cell phone needs to connect the local tower. By this way, you are trackable in any location of the world. However, if you keep your phone switched off, you are not traceable. But your very last location could be tracked.

Why I Need A Location Service On y iPhone?

Apple provides a large number of supports and runs numerous apps. Some of the apps work the best when the location service is enabled on your device. If you enable the device, the apps will have smooth functioning. Or, you may not get the complete functions of your apps.

Thereby, you are in need of this service.

Any Disadvantages of Location Services For The iPhone Users?

Well. Everything in the world has some demerits. Similarly, there are some negative issues with the location services. First of all, the apps will know your location. And it is possible to trace you no matter where you are in the world.

The other fact is that the location service consumes battery of your phone. So, you may have to charge the phone more frequently if you use the service for the battery drain. In fact, your device is constantly connecting with the GPS. So, it needs battery to perform the job.

Another fact is that the location service may not always provide the accurate result. Because of technical glitches, the service may have some wrong result. If you take any decision based on the location service, you may not have the right outcome all the time.

Last Words

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