Twitter Spaces Could Be A Sustainable Tool If Further Improved 

Twitter is trying to bring a change in its interface. Also, the microblogging website is planning to add some features to the platform, although it was made late. The features are identical to other platforms like WhatsApp or so.

However, the key focus of this platform is something different. Of course, it focuses on monetization alongside verifying systems. It has Spaces. The Spaces is like talking live in a chat room. Using any app or web, you can use Spaces.

Twitter Spaces Could Be A Sustainable Tool If Further Improved

Twitter is planning to test the new features for the first time. But the other social platforms have performed the same long ago like hosting discussions and moderating the discussion.

But the key factor is holding the momentum of this process. As there are constant improvements in this sector, and those are of course admirable, will Twitter be able to hold it for a long time?

Earlier, Twitter ended its Fleets. Do you know how long that survived? Only not more than eight months.

What is Space for users?

The internet is almost 30 by now. Right after its invention, the Internet has been widely used for numerous purposes. Mostly, people use technology to chat with others. They have chat using several platforms like chatrooms or forums. Also, people have used messaging apps too. MSN Messenger was a common and popular app for the same purpose.

The rise of Podcasts also brought some revolutionary changes and streaming the live recordings was a thrill for many. The attachment of the chatrooms also was enjoyable as the hosts were able to answer the queries right after the session ended.

The same theory is applicable to the Spaces from Twitter. It plans to create a discussion and allows the users to be a part of the conversation. It is like a radio conversation and your audience is on a phone connection. You can reply to them right after the session.

Some say that Spaces is similar to Fleets. Also, they term it as a replacement for the Fleets. Fleets allowed the users to share their content for a certain time – like 24 hours. In fact, it was similar to the stories you shared on your Instagram account.

Also, you can listen to the discussion that is available on your Twitter feed. Surprisingly, you can moderate the events for the recent updates of the platform. It means you can manage requests, remove or add participants, and others. It is really an exciting task.

The other fact is co-hosting in Space. In your Space, you could be a co-host of the events. There would be one host, two co-hosts, and around 10 speakers of the events. So, being a co-host, you can perform several tasks as said before.

Needs further improvement

However, the features of Spaces are great. And they are being improved every month. But despite the features, it needs something else to grow in line with the other similar platforms.

It needs to have features like podcasting. Also, there could be cross-platform compatibility. The app should be available on all types of devices and consoles like the other app. Otherwise, it would be not possible for the app to survive for a long time.

Moreover, Spaces should also have features to stream videos. Usually, YouTube streams videos, and people can enjoy those alongside commenting on the video content. So, Spaces should also have the same feature. It will help the users to review the content and share their thoughts. At the same time, it will create some positive impressions on the Spaces users.

In other words, Twitter can make Spaces really helpful for users. But it needs to follow certain measures. First of all, it needs to form a massive opinion from the user groups.

Now, it is expected that the listeners could be the speakers. They also can host their respective Spaces whenever they get time. It is a way to express their passion and a large opportunity to reveal their inner selves.

Also, it could be a great option for Twitter. If Twitter can sustain it, Spaces could be a great source of fun and thrill for people across the world.

Raymond Williams is a technology writer that lived with computers all his life. He is an expert character that writes articles about Windows, Gaming, Android, and How To Fixes.