How to Completely Uninstall Chrome on Mac?

How to Completely Uninstall Chrome on Mac – Easy Hack For Beginners

Do you know why people prefer MacOS over Windows?

Despite being a high-priced device and system, people love the first one. It’s not merely a temptation. The fact is about comfort, format and interface.

Moreover, you will have certain advantages. But you cannot avail those in Windows operating system. However, at times, you may need to install and re-install software.


So, any idea on how to Completely Uninstall Chrome on Mac?

If the answer is negative, you need to check this post. Here, you will get some in-depth ideas on the matter. Thereby, let’s explore the facts below.

Why You Should Use Mac Computer?

Before moving into the core, you must know the benefits of Mac. In fact, a notable number of people across the world using Mac. They have to spend much after the system. At the same time, they derive the benefits. Check the explanation of few of the key benefits.

Game-Changing System

After the DOS operating system, Windows surfaced the market. But right after the invention of the MacOS, the entire scenario has changed a lot. Alongside extraordinary performance, the sleek design, compatibility and user-friendliness – all are remarkable. The system has changed the operating system industry, indeed.

Saves Working Space

On the other part, the system arrives in a compact style. Therefore, it consumes less space. So, you do not need to place unwanted elements on your working table. The dependency on those elements like CPU, speaker has vanished now as it comes with an all-in-one solution.

Superior Performance

Moreover, if you want some superior performance, MacOS is the right thing for you. the chips, processor, drivers are superfast. Surprisingly, you can perform your professional tasks smoothly. Or if you love enjoying movies and listening music, those would be a great as well.

How to Completely Uninstall Chrome on Mac?

You can uninstall Chrome following the easy steps.

Step 1

Find out Chrome. You need to go to the bottom of your screen. The chrome is located on the dock. And it is not hard to find.

Step 2

Now, right click on the Chrome. You will get several options. From there, select Quit option. Next, you have to open the Finder option.

From there, find out the Chrome folder. The folder is located to any certain part of your system. Thereby, it is easier to use this option. Chrome folder contains all the necessary files of Chrome.

Step 3

It’s the last step of uninstalling. Click on the Chrome icon. Drag it and drop to the Trash. The browser is deleted.

Frequently Asked Question

How to completely uninstall chrome on mac computer?

You can do that smoothly and smartly. Simply, follow the instructions above. There, you will have the guidelines.

Can I delete my profile on Chrome?

Of course, you can delete your profile and other information like history and bookmarks in Chrome. To do that, click on the GO on the top of your screen. Then, select the folder where Chrome is located. You need to enter: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome.

Now, click on Go. You will find some documents like folders are others. You have to drag them to the Trash icon. Your profile details will be deleted.

How to install Chrome on Mac operating system?

If you are a beginner, the system might puzzle you in the beginning. But the process is easier. Check the instructions here.

At first, you have to download the necessary files and installer. Usually, you will have to download the Chrome Disk Image or .dmg file. Also, you need to download a Package Installer (also known as .pkg file). The sample profiles files will accompany them.

Then, you are to set the preference of configuration. Set it up with the app and necessary extensions.

Last words

This post was all about how to Completely Uninstall Chrome on Mac. Hopefully, you are now aware of this fact. And can easily do this on your device.

Happy computing!

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