How to Uninstall Skype for Business in Windows 10 – Simple Tips to Follow

No doubt that Skype plays a lead role in communication.

When you want to make a group or individual communication, Skype is a must. Especially, the Skype business has almost the same features.

However, at times, you need to uninstall the app. To some extent, the notifications may turn annoying. Therefore, you can minimize the notifications. Also, you can remove the app from your computer.

But do you know how to uninstall Skype for business in Windows 10?

I guess, many of people lack the idea. They do not know how to uninstall Skype for business. However, not to worry. This post will teach you the process. Let’s explore the process here.

How to Uninstall Skype for Business in Windows 10?– Simple Tips to Follow

The uninstall process of Skype is effortless. However, there are a few preconditions.

If you are using 365 Office Suite, you cannot delete or uninstall skype from your device. In fact, you need to uninstall the entire office suite. Each of the elements are integrated with each other.

But if you are not using the aforesaid suite, you can do the following.

Step 1

Go to your control panel. From the control panel, you have to select Programs. From there, go to Programs and Features.

Step 2

You will have several options. Amid them, select the Uninstall.

The program will be uninstalled. You need to reboot your computer. The app will no longer be visible on your device.

Features of Skype Business

Undoubtedly, Skype is one of the leading communication tools. It makes communication easier and more effective. If you have an internet connection (active), and a computer, you can get connected.

At the same time, the app can reduce meeting costs, help people share documents, and more. Hence, the importance of Skype is on the rise in the present age.

Let’s dig into some of the key features of the Skype business.


Messaging is a common feature of Skype. In fact, you can send messages instantly to the intended recipients. Also, you have the option to let them know your status. If you are busy, not in front of your desk, or unavailable anyway, you can set your status.

And you know, you do not need to spend a single penny on this.

Audio-Visual Calls

On the other part, Skype business allows you to make audio and video calls. And for free. However, you need to have a web camera and microphone. Otherwise, you cannot see or receive the calls.

Interestingly, you can make calls to both Skype business and Skype users. There are no restrictions.

Online Meets

Moreover, you can attend online meetings through the Skype business. Alongside the instant messaging options, you can add a couple of participants. All of you can hold a meeting for free of cost. Also, you can share and receive documents, and data. Sharing a desktop is another feature of this app.

Improved Security

If you are worried about security while using Skype, you need no worries at all. The communication through Skype business is encrypted. So, it is nearly impossible to interfere or breach the security.

User-Friendly Interface

On the other part, Skype business has a user-friendly interface. You need not to be familiar with the technology. With simple tech knowledge, you can operate it. Because of the user-friendly interface, you can understand everything intuitively.

Therefore, you need no further explanations while operating the Skype business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have an Audio Conference?

Of course, you can make an audio conference through Skype business. It is easier and one of the smartest ways when you do not want to show your face.

However, you have to keep your microphone operational. Do not forget to switch off your device or web camera.

Is it Possible to Receive Phone Calls Using Skype Business?

Yes, you can receive phone calls through your Skype business. Also, you can send, receive, or mute phone ask. This is a basic task of this app. If you have an active internet connection, you can easily do this.

Can I Broadcast A Meeting on Skype?

The feature of the broadcast is an excellent one. Using the Skype business, you can broadcast your meeting to more than 5,000 attendees. It may appear like you are attending a meeting in a large hall.

However, this feature is limited. It is available when you go for certain premium plans.

Last Words

How to uninstall Skype for business in Windows 10 isn’t a big deal, right?

You have the weapons to deal with the matter. Please let us know after you remove skype business successfully from your device. And do not forget to share this post. We are always there to get back to you with your queries. Feel free to ask.

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