How to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone [EASY TRICKS]

At times, I need to do some advanced calculations. Thereby, I was in need of a scientific calculator.

But, suddenly, the device stopped working. In fact, it was out of service for no reason. Since then, I started using my iPhone calculator, especially, the scientific calculator. Instead of downloading any calculator app, this built-in calculator works better.

Do you know How to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone?

Well. If you are unfamiliar with the matter, there is nothing to worry about. This post will explain everything clearly.

Besides, you will get additional information on the issue. Let’s check them here.

A Quick Guide on How to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone?

This is a very simple process. In fact, you need less than a minute to convert your iPhone calculator into a scientific one.

As the first step, launch the calculator from your phone. What do you see? It’s a moderate calculator – with some usual calculating functions.

Now, rotate your phone. Move your phone to landscape mode. The usual calculator will turn into a scientific calculator.

This time, you can use the calculator for the advanced functions alongside the regular calculations. This function allows users to perform calculations like exponents, roots, and square roots, among others.

Advantages of Using iPhone Calculator

You know, we live at an advanced age. Earlier, people had to carry gadgets for many reasons. And they had to carry the loads as well. But with time, the scenarios have changed a lot. Now, you are relieved from those issues.

Using the calculator is not a big deal at present. But in the recent past, people had to keep one such tiny device with them. At times, they were in trouble if the calculator was lost.

But now, there is a dramatic change. Mobile phones have brought a revolutionary change. You do not need to carry a calculator for your calculations. In fact, the iPhone has made it easier. Let’s check some of the advantages of the iPhone calculator.


First of all, the calculator function on iPhone is accurate. No matter what types of calculations you want to perform, it can do it. And you know – the calculations are up to the mark. The algorithm works fine with an iPhone calculator.

Moreover, you can perform advanced calculations too. But you need to know How to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone. Once you have the scientific calculator, it’s not a big deal.

Easy access

At the same time, accessing the iPhone calculator is effortless. The app is installed on your phone by default. Interestingly, you cannot remove it even if you want. And you can access it from anywhere because it does not require any active internet connection.

Reduces Space

For instance, if you are carrying a physical calculator, you need space to hold it. Moreover, there are chances of losing it. But if the calculator is inside your phone, you need no additional space. You are always carrying the calculator inside your mobile phone. Thus, it reduces space issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Rely on My iPhone Calculator For Perfection?

Undoubtedly, you can rely on the performance of your iPhone calculator. This is a great app that makes calculations easier. And it will never provide a wrong result.

The calculator has several functions and could be used as a scientific calculator, too. iPhone users across the world regularly use the feature on their phones. You also can keep using it without a second thought.

Scientific Calculator Not Working on iPhone. What Can I Do?

Well. Not to panic in such cases. The scientific calculator on iPhones only works when you get a landscape mode. If the mode is locked, you need to unlock it.

To unlock the mode, check the status bar. If it is locked, you cannot have the scientific calculator. Therefore, unlock it.

Hopefully, it will solve the problem.

How Can I Clear Past Date From My Calculator?

You need to press the “C” on your calculator to delete the past data. Remember, you can also clear it by swiping left or right.

If you want to clear them by single digits, the wiping method will work smoothly. And the “C” method is for clearing all the data on your calculator screen.

Thereby, based on your needs, you can follow any of the methods.

Last Words

Thank you for going through this post. I have tried to explain How to Use a Scientific Calculator on an iPhone. It is expected that you have got some in-depth ideas. If you ever need to use a scientific calculator, bring out your iPhone and use it.

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