Why League of Legends Should Be the Game You Play

If you are into the world of video games then you might have run through Multiplayer Online Battle Arena type ones. These are games that consist of 5 members in each team and aim to destroy the base of the opposing team.

It’s a fun and strategic game that gamers of all ages would love. One of the most notable ones is DOTA. It has been one of the core foundations of MOBA games and has been the guide to this ever-evolving genre.

But we aren’t here to talk about DOTA, we are here to talk about League of Legends. If you have been living under a rock, then this is the perfect content to tell you what League of Legends is all about and why it should be the game you play.

What is League of Legends?

Similar to DOTA, League of Legends is MOBA developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The goal is to fight the opposing team in a map called “Summoner’s Rift” and destroy their towers, take large objectives like Dragons, and beat the enemy down until you are able to destroy their base.

You access champions that have 4 abilities that you can utilize in the game and maximize them to your favor. There are over 148 champions to choose from so you can enjoy learning all of them at your pace.

You try to take over as much of the map and showcase amazing outplays against your opponents inside the game. You also get to learn and evolve the game as it patches new updates almost every single month which makes it a truly fun game to play with.

Now to our most awaited section, why should you play League of Legends? There is a lot of stuff the game can offer and we will go through them one by one.

The Game is Really Competitive!


League of Legends

Whenever there are games such as League of Legends, there is always going to be competition. The competitiveness of the game makes it a challenging yet exciting. It creates that will to push harder and be better at the game that all aspiring gamers love.

Even simple games like Chess and Scrabbles have strategies that build your emotions up a notch and with League of Legends, it raises itself to a whole level. The rules of the game are constantly tweaked whenever overpowered champions are demolishing players.

They balance everything whenever possible to make everything as viable and as fair to all users. But the core gameplay of the game stays the same, you still get to show off how amazing you are at executing your targets and perform those 1v5 Pentakills that people love to watch at montages.

Of course, there are times that they end up doubling the power of the champions in the game but that’s part of the fun. You even get to hear the community share what they think is necessary for the game and Riot Games as a company is a great listener to its audience.

League Has In-depth Stories


League of Legends


League of Legends isn’t all fun and games. You are not only thinking of champions as pieces for you to play with. It isn’t just a random game you play today and forget it the next.

League of Legends has its own unknown universe. The game is so versatile and unique that each champion has a different story to tell. From robots with their own minds to races battling out the right to be queen.

You can’t even fathom how vast the world has gone into. It even has its own map of the whole League. Champions have their own personality and backstory that readers would love to indulge in.

The background of every champion is so in-depth that you could read for hours about each of them and learn how they connect inside the game. Some champions are even related. Champions like Darius and Draven are brothers who serve Swain. There is plenty of stuff you can learn to love and adore.

Also, Riot Games is always posting videos about them that the League community wishes that they create a movie in the future. Fans are addicted to their favorite champion because they really dive into their character’s lives and how their champion came to be.

You’d really appreciate all the efforts the company has built for 10 years in the game. There will always be a champion that suits your style!

The Esports Scene is Massive!

Every game will always have amazing players around that people adore. And as they get better and the community grows larger, we get to experience the professional scene.

This is where aspiring players who are the very best of the game get recognized by top organizations and showcase their talents in teams. From players that start off streaming for hours to athletes who inspire others to be like them, League of Legends creates a place fit for their talents.

The world of League of Legends has grown into this massive sport that they’ve toured around the globe to find World Champions every single year. So the fun will never stop and you get to see everything live.

Regional leagues across the world were built so that fans can watch them battle for superiority. Just like basketball, we will always have a Michael Jordan in any game.

And with League of Legends, they have the God of League of Legends player: Faker. If you don’t know about him and how he came to be, you can search him on YouTube cause there are tons of content about him.

Tons of Guide to Choose From

Now if you are feeling interested in the game and don’t know where to start, there are dozens of YouTube videos you can watch and websites you can learn from.

One of which is RTOacademy. RTOacademy was built by a streamer who love playing League of Legends that he had to share all his knowledge in the game for free.

It has tons of guides from high-rank players who’ve shared their insights on how to quickly master the game and be one of the best in your region.

It’s like a school for players who desire to be like Faker and transform their simple world into an extraordinary scene that everyone would love to see. You definitely check it out!

Creating Your Own Name


League of Legends


Ever since the game has started, millions have been playing it for quite some time, some even get to live a life where they only need to play the game and earn from it. Players like NightBlue3, RTO, BunnyFuFu, and many more!

It transformed their lives that they are now one of the faces of the game. There are so many things League of Legends can give to its players so don’t miss out on joining this amazing community and experience what they have felt for years.

Deep Sense of Relationships

League is nothing without the community that supported the game throughout the decade and it is still growing as of this day. It is a game for your friends and family to play and enjoy if you are aiming for an exciting weekend at the house.

Not only that, but the community is also so interactive that they even donated countless times for charity. Streamers who’ve connected to the World Health Organization have helped people affected by the Corona Virus.

The game changed a lot of lives and now they are returning it back to the world. It may only be free to play the video game for some, but it has been an epic ride for the community and the company.

Whether or not you are into these kinds of games, the community itself will give you that deep sense of belonging. And it truly deserves praise for the good things it has contributed to the world.  A lot of games have risen from League of Legends but it has still stood up to its legacy.

Don’t hesitate to download to the game and experience the world of fun it has to offer. The relationships you can create within are really inspiring to be with so why don’t you try out for yourself!

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