Why PC Gaming Is Dying

Not only I and you, but every 2nd video game player wants to know “Why PC gaming is dying;” because pc dying is the most common issue of this time.

Yes, playing video games is the most fascinating than a console; however, gaming PCs are more multipart and less uniform as gaming consoles.

No problem if you are a console lover, I must say graphical glitches type problems in gaming PCs can irritate you.

Why PC gaming is dying?

Probably a machine may have several types of technical issues; this is why a computer has.

Normally computers have commonly died due to electricity problems; constant may your computer face cooling and heating problems. Accept it; there are many other problems by which your gaming pc could die.

You know what? Gaming pc dying means a gaming computer is not supporting your new game, or it is slow.

This type of feeling could be more irksome for a player. No worry if you are facing a dying gaming pc.

Nevertheless, today, we are here to make you know some common and biggest issues of gaming PC dying.

In this article, four different categories are fragmented for these issues so, let us start with the first one.

1.   Anti-malware and anti-virus issues:

Having viruses in a gaming pc is not a new thing for a computer user. For a gaming pc anti-malware and anti-virus software are the best solutions to keep it secure from malicious code, though both of these are hard to find correctly.

A common player cannot recognize an authentic anti-virus or anti-malware software; thus, he/she may increase the threat of dying pc.

This is why you always try to download and install an authorized anti-malware and anti-virus software to keep your gaming pc safe from cyber viruses. Otherwise, your pc will be slow, and your game will not run properly.

Often players place their favorite game on any kind of whitelist to check the authentications.

2.   Operative system:

It is not possible that a new game would run easily on your gaming pc. Day by day, modern games are being introduced in the market, and they are having high requirements for proper functioning.

In many cases, I have seen gaming pcs are not supporting particular games because these games have such high requirements to run.

For instance, if your favorite games prerequisites DirectX 11 technology to render up, then surely it will not properly run on Vista/Windows XP.

However, if you have windows 7, then don’t worry; because DirectX 11 technological games are specially designed for windows 7.

In short, if your computer system is not capable of your game, then it could be the reason of your commuter dying.

Before purchasing a game, always tries to get the proper idea that will it support your gaming pc or not?

3.   Hardware system:

My dear buddies, weak software is always not responsible for pc dying, but sometimes hardware is. Truly you cannot expect a comfortable ride from a bike as Mercedes.

Therefore, gaming pcs could sometimes week to play heavy games (especially older gaming pcs).

If you really want to get a great experience for your desired game, then always keep your gaming pc upgraded.

This is the only way by which you will not have any dying issue in your pc. For proper functions, I always prefer the best quality graphics card; either buy a new gaming pc.

4.   Best quality graphics drivers:

Majority video game players have faith in their hardware, but still, their games are not running freely, and their pc looks dying.

If the game you brought is an intensive type that recently launched, and then surely it will need graphics drivers to run.

If you do not focus on graphics drivers, then definitely, the game will show you graphical glitches and heavy bugs.



Every so often, players buy their graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia web sites (online), if you have also purchased from there, then you may have updated versions of your graphics card.

Unfortunately, majority graphics providers neither publish recent updates to their graphics drivers and simply they do not suggest old versions of graphics drivers for the modern games.

In the end, I must advise you for gaming pc dying prevention that always prefer the best quality graphics drivers.

My final words:

Undoubtedly there are lots of issues that may give you a dying gaming pc, but according to professionals and recent updates, all the above issues are common this time.

Keep in mind that sometimes a very little mistake of your pc can make slow either die; for example, less space in hard drives for heavy games and a combination of unauthorized software. A variety of games require CD/DVD in media drive to run the game well.

My friend has OS X, and he is fully tension-free than Linux users and Windows users; because all his hardware is sufficient to run any heavy game. Though he has good knowledge of software so, he always keeps updated all gaming software.

I hope now you are fully approached on “why pc gaming is dying”?

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