Alternatives to ELO Boosting to Climb the Ladder

Every gamer’s dream is to get high ranks and levels, especially in massively competitive matches such as League of Legends. However, even after putting in a ton of effort, you are unable to achieve that goal, then there is most likely somewhere you lack in terms of understanding the game elements.


ELO Boosting


In such cases, people resort to undertaking ELO boosting services, which can help make their dreams become a reality.

However, aside from being open and legal, ELO boosting comes with its risks. It might result in you receiving a ban or how your account’s privacy gets exposed during the entirety of the ELO boost procedure.

Fortunately, there are more than enough strategies and methods available nowadays as an alternative to the eloboost. You can not only implement these methods quickly but also get the guaranteed and best possible results out of it at the same time. Let us dive right into it.

Duo Queue with a Higher Rank Player

If your goal is to get a feel of what it is like to play at a higher rank, there is no one other than a higher rank player of that caliber that can demonstrate it for you. Although you will have better chances of winning your games, this activity’s essential part is to observe and understand your higher-rank teammate’s gameplay.

When it comes to games like League of Legends, there are so many aspects of the game you can learn and improvise simply by making some good players as your example. Basically, what sets the players of different ranks apart is the number of mistakes both make during the entire game.

When you closely look at the plays that your higher rank duo queue makes and compare it to yourself, everything will become crystal as to what is holding you back from climbing the ladder of success.

Choose and Stick to the Role That Suits You the Best

League of Legends is a highly complex game, and mastering every single role is not something anyone can accomplish. Do not attempt to be a jack of all trades and master of none. You will need to understand and implement just too much material in the game, which might end up ruining your gameplay even more so than you might learn.

If you are having a hard time picking a role that suits you, consider playing out in Normal games. It will be much easier to perform without ever needing to worry about the tension that comes with Ranked games. You will not only find the game more enjoyable, but the optimistic and confident mentality will also help you win more games along the journey of rankings.

Utilize the Benefits of LOL Practice Tool

The practice tool is not just for display, but it is there for a good reason. The main reason why Riot Games bothered giving us the practice tool in the first place is to use it to understand the champions. It is an excellent method to learn combos or working hard to improve your Last Hitting.

It requires a few seconds to create practice tool games. The effort is almost none, and the reward has no limits. In case you have access to all champions, jumping into the practice tool and checking how each one of them performs could be a wise practice. Fully understanding how the other champions operate or their shortcomings will benefit you a ton in your ranked games when you compete against them.

Watch and Learn your Mistakes from Game Replays

It is useful for anyone in any ELO rank to take a look at their replays of the game. Bronze players can sometimes commit errors more apparent than Platinum players; however, both perform far off from flawless.

It will help you identify major as well as minor mistakes that you make throughout the game. At times, it is challenging to see what you did wrong at a given time, and this is where the replay feature shines the most.

All you need to do is load your game’s replay and quick-forward to the exact moment you commit a critical mistake. It will eventually improve your game by leaps and bounds, leading eventually to better gameplay and an increase in ranks.

Practicing on a Brand New Account

In most ELO Boosting cases, players often express their doubts about whether to go for an ELO boost or get a new account. ELO Boosting comes with its benefits, but most people going for a new account appear much more convenient.

The ability to carry and win games on a lower ELO than the actual ELO of your main account comes with its collection of advantages.

Firstly, you will experience the best approach to playing the game, which is the best player in any ranked match. It is comparable to raising ELO when the booster plays in matches where he is superior to other players in the game in terms of raw skills.

By performing on a new LOL account, learning the game in a lower ELO will make you a better performer when it comes to playing on your main account.

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