Can You Get Your Phone Back Out Of Ecoatm?

If you have an iPhone that you’re trying to get out of Ecoatm, there is a process that you can follow. First, you’ll need to make sure that your phone is turned off and the sim card is removed. Next, you’ll need to go into the settings on your phone and find the “restore” option.

Once you’ve found that, select the “Erase All Content and Settings” option. This will erase everything on your phone, so make sure that you have backups of any important data before doing this. After your phone has been erased, you should be able to take it out of Ecoatm without any problems.

  • First, locate a nearby ecoatm machine
  • Then, insert your phone into the machine
  • Next, select the “Get phone back” option on the screen
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your phone from the machine

Can You Get Your Phone Back from Ecoatm?

If you have an ecoATM machine near you, then yes – you can get your old phone back from ecoATM! Here’s how it works: First, find an ecoATM location near you.

There are thousands of machines across the United States, so there’s a good chance there’s one close by. Once you’ve found a machine, insert your old phone into the ecoATM kiosk. The machine will assess your phone and give you a quote for how much money it’s worth.

If you accept the quote, the machine will dispense cash right then and there – and your old phone is now officially recycled! It’s really that easy to recycle your old phones with ecoATM. And not only does it help the environment by keeping phones out of landfills, but you also get some cash back for recycling your device.


How Do I Get My Phone Out of Ecoatm?

If you need to get your phone out of ecoATM for any reason, there are a few things that you can do. First, if you have an iPhone, you can go into the Settings app and disable the “Eco-Mode.” This will prevent ecoATM from automatically powering down your device when it is not in use.

If you have an Android device, you can go into the Eco-Mode settings and disable the “ power saving mode.” Once these steps have been completed, you should be able to get your phone out of ecoATM without any issues.

Can You Sell a Phone You Found to Ecoatm?

If you have found a phone and are looking to sell it, you may be wondering if ecoATM will buy it from you. The answer is yes! You can absolutely sell your phone to ecoATM.

Here’s how it works: first, find an ecoATM location near you. Then, bring your phone (and any accessories) to the kiosk and follow the on-screen prompts. Once your device has been evaluated, you’ll be given a cash offer – simply accept or reject as you see fit.

If you accept, just insert your ID and collect your money! It’s that easy. Keep in mind that not all phones are eligible for purchase – for example, stolen devices cannot be accepted.

And of course, offers will vary based on things like condition and model type. But overall, selling your unwanted phone to ecoATM is a quick and easy way to get some extra cash in your pocket.

Should I Wipe My Phone Before Ecoatm?

If you’re planning on selling your old phone to an ecoATM, the company recommends that you wipe your device before bringing it in. This ensures that all of your personal data is removed from the phone before it’s resold. Here’s how to do a full factory reset on your phone:

1. Open Settings and tap “General.”

2. Scroll down and select “Reset.”

3. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”

4. Enter your passcode if prompted, then tap “Erase iPhone.”

5. Once the process is complete, your iPhone will restart and be wiped clean.

Does Ecoatm Buy Phones That Don’t Turn On?

No, ecoATM does not buy phones that don’t turn on. If your phone is turned off or has a dead battery, we are unable to test its condition and value. To get the most money for your device, make sure it powers on and can hold a charge.

Can You Get Your Phone Back Out Of Ecoatm?


What Happens If You Sell a Stolen Phone to Ecoatm

If you sell a stolen phone to ecoATM, there are a few things that could happen. The first is that the company may report the theft to law enforcement, which could lead to an investigation. Secondly, ecoATM may refuse to pay you for the phone or they may only offer a fraction of what the phone is actually worth.

Finally, your name and contact information will be added to a blacklist, which could make it difficult for you to sell phones in the future.


If you have an old phone that you’re looking to get rid of, you may be wondering if you can get your money back out of it. Ecoatm is a company that allows you to recycle your old phones and other electronics for cash. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before recycling your phone with Ecoatm.

First, Ecoatm only accepts certain types of phones. If your phone is not on their list of accepted devices, then they will not be able to recycle it. Second, the condition of your phone will affect how much money you can get for it.

If your phone is in good condition, you’ll likely get more money than if it’s in poor condition. Finally, keep in mind that the amount of money you’ll receive for recycling your phone may vary depending on the location of the nearest Ecoatm kiosk. With all that being said, yes, you can get cash back for recycling your old phone with Ecoatm.

Just be sure to check that your device is eligible and keep an eye on the condition of your phone before recycling it.