Find If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on Android Phone

Did you want to know if someone has blocked your number on Android phones? It’s very possible to block a phone number on many smartphones, including Android devices. The feature used to achieve this is often labeled “Blacklist” or “Call blocking” in most phones.

Blocked Your Number

If someone has blocked you through this built-in feature, you won’t be able to reach them via texts or phone calls. No matter how you try, your text messages and calls won’t go through.

But why would they do that? Perhaps you are an annoying caller or sending them spam messages. You might have also get barred due to reasons best known to that person.

So to help determine if someone has barred you from contacting them, this article provides3 ways.

Find If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on Android Phone

The easiest but more awkward approach to determine if someone has blocked your number is to ask them. You might be surprised to hear they had blacklisted your number by mistake. And they may say the action was intentional. If the latter is the case, you can try to resolve the matter.

But if direct confrontation is not appropriate or possible, use the 2 other ways discussed below to find out whether you’ve been blocked.

Dial the Number of the Person You Believed to Have Blocked You

Pick up your mobile phone and call the individual you suspected to have blocked you on their Android phone. If the phone rings multiple times, as it normally should, that’s a good sign you are not blocked.

But if the call redirects to the voice mail without ringing, or it abruptly diverts to the voice mail after a single ring, that’s a strong indication that your phone number is blacklisted.

To be extremely certain, try calling the person again after some time as they might be on another call or have a flat battery when you tried calling them earlier. If the scenario described right above still occurs, the odds that you reblocked are high.

Reach Them Through Facebook or WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social media platform that allows people to register with their mobile numbers. And with over a billion subscribers, chances are the person you thought has blocked you might be using WhatsApp too.

If the contact is on WhatsApp, simply message them, asking whether they receive your message or got your missed call. Then wait for their response. While you wait, pay attention to the mark next to the message. A single checkmark means your message has been sent but has yet to arrive at the recipient’s device.

A double checkmark means the message is now on the recipient’s phone. The contact has seen your message if the double checkmark turns blue.

And here is the point. If the single checkmark didn’t transform even after a very long time, then it could be that the person has also blocked you on WhatsApp.

Facebook messenger is another channel through which you can confirm if someone is still receiving your phone calls and messages. Simply send them a Facebook message and wait for a response. Their response might provide you with the needed information.

How Do You Call Someone That Blocked Your Number on An Android?

Just because someone has got your mobile number into their blocklist doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with them.  You can call the person on WhatsApp if they haven’t blocked you on that platform too.

Facebook messenger is another great alternative to contact such a person. You can also reach then through Skype or any other social media platform that supports voice calling.

What Happens If Someone Blocked Your Number?

If you get into someone’s block list, they won’t receive your mobile calls or messages. To re-establish contact, you may first have to get to them through platforms like WhatsApp and ask them to de-list you from their phone’s backlist. You can also try to meet in person with the individual and discuss the situation.

Can You Send A Text to Someone Who Blocked Your Number?

If you are referring to mobile messages, you can’t until they remove you from their blocked list. But you can definitely send them a text message on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other text messaging platforms, suppose they haven’t blocked you there too.

There you have it, finding out if someone has blocked your number on his or her Android phone. If you have any other questions, message me in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you.

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