Fix Bluetooth after Windows 10 Creators Update: Troubleshoot in 5 easy steps.

To fix bluetooth not working after windows 10 creators update, try updating drivers & check settings. Many users have been facing issues with bluetooth connectivity after installing the windows 10 creator update.

This problem seems prevalent, and there have been concerns that this error can have a cause from anything between the windows update to driver issues. There have been suggestions on what users can do to solve the problem of bluetooth not working.

Updating bluetooth drivers, setting bluetooth to automatic and troubleshooting might resolve the problem. In this article, we’ll provide a step by step solution to fix bluetooth not working and keep the bluetooth audio devices rolling on windows 10 creators update.

Step 1: Check Bluetooth Settings

To check bluetooth settings after the windows 10 creators update, follow these five easy steps. First, navigate to your bluetooth settings. Ensure that bluetooth is turned on. Next, troubleshoot any connectivity issues. Fixing bluetooth problems in windows 10 should be easy with these simple steps.

Remember to keep your bluetooth turned on and check your settings periodically to avoid future issues. Follow these five steps to enjoy uninterrupted bluetooth connectivity on your device.

Step 2: Check Device Compatibility

Once you have checked that your device is compatible with the windows 10 creators update, it’s time to verify that your device drivers are up to date. Older drivers may not be compatible with the new update and can cause issues with bluetooth connectivity.

To check for driver updates, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the support or download section. Here, you can enter your device model and find the latest drivers available for download. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the updated drivers, you can restart your device and try connecting your bluetooth device again.

If you’re still having trouble, move on to the next step of troubleshooting.

Step 3: Remove And Re-Pair Bluetooth Device

To remove a bluetooth device from the list of connected devices, go to the windows 10 settings app and click on devices. From the list of connected devices, select the bluetooth device you want to remove and click on remove device.

To re-pair a device with windows 10, make sure that it is turned on and in range of your computer. Go to the devices menu and click on add bluetooth or other device. Follow the prompts to complete the pairing process.

If the re-pairing process fails, try restarting your computer and the device. If that doesn’t work, make sure that the device is fully charged and try again. Additionally, make sure that the bluetooth device is compatible with windows 10. By following these tips, you should be able to troubleshoot your bluetooth connection problems after the windows 10 creators update.

Step 4: Run The Windows 10 Bluetooth Troubleshooter

To access the bluetooth troubleshooter in windows 10, go to settings. Click on update & security and then select troubleshoot. Scroll down to bluetooth and click on it. Select run the troubleshooter and follow the instructions provided. The troubleshooter will identify and rectify any bluetooth device connection issues automatically.

Use these tips when troubleshooting your devices: make sure your bluetooth device is turned on and discoverable. Check that it’s not connected to any other device. Remove and re-pair the device to your computer. Update drivers and firmware for the device.

And finally, restart your computer and the bluetooth device.

Step 5: Reset The Bluetooth Hardware

To reset the bluetooth hardware in order to fix any issues persisting even after trying the previous steps, follow these troubleshooting tips. First, go to device manager and uninstall the bluetooth device. Then, restart the computer and it will reinstall automatically.

If that doesn’t work, update the driver by going to the manufacturer’s website. Another option is to try removing and then reinserting the bluetooth device physically. Lastly, if nothing else works, reset the bluetooth hardware by going into the computer’s bios settings and disabling it, then enabling it again.

By following these five easy steps, you can troubleshoot and fix any bluetooth issues you might have after the windows 10 creators update.

Frequently Asked Questions For Fix Bluetooth Not Working After Windows 10 Creators Update

How Do I Fix Bluetooth Not Working After Windows 10 Creators Update?

Try removing the bluetooth device from your computer and then reconnecting it. You can also try updating the bluetooth driver or rolling back to a previous version of windows 10.

Why Won’T My Bluetooth Device Connect?

Make sure the bluetooth device is turned on and in range of your computer. You can also try resetting your bluetooth device and/or your computer’s bluetooth settings.

How Do I Update My Bluetooth Driver?

Go to your computer’s device manager, find the bluetooth driver, right-click and select “update driver. ” You can also download the latest driver from your computer manufacturer’s website.

Can You Uninstall Windows 10 Creators Update?

Yes, you can uninstall the creators update, but you only have 10 days from the installation to do so. Go to settings > update & security > recovery and select “go back to an earlier build. “

What Devices Are Compatible With Windows 10 Creators Update?

Most modern bluetooth devices should be compatible with windows 10 creators update. If you’re unsure, check with the manufacturer or consult the windows 10 compatibility list on microsoft’s website.


To sum up, experiencing bluetooth connectivity issues after updating to windows 10 creators update can be frustrating, but it is a problem that can be fixed. From checking for updates to updating device drivers, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

If you have followed the steps mentioned above and are still experiencing problems, it is recommended that you contact a professional or the manufacturer’s support team for further assistance. It is important to keep your device and software up-to-date, as this can prevent future issues and improve overall functionality.

By taking the proper steps to troubleshoot and resolve bluetooth connectivity issues, you will be able to enjoy a seamless user experience on your windows 10 creators update device.

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