How Can I Call Someone Who Has Blocked My Number?

The blocking might appear for different reasons. Someone may not want to talk to you. Or, it may also happen accidentally.

Knowing how can I call someone who has blocked my number, can help you out.

But, there are several issues to remember to make another call. Someone has blocked you. It clearly figures out that the person is unwilling to talk.


So, if you make the call again, it may lead to a stage of harassment. Surely, you do not want that. Therefore, it is a must to know the reasons. You can try to know if that blocking was intentional. Or accidental.

If accidental, I recommend you follow the steps below. But if intentional, there are many more ways to mitigate the issues.

What is called blocking?

In general terms, it is the process of stopping someone from making phone calls. Usually, mobile phone sets have this option.

For instance, if you do not want someone to call you, you can block that number.

The person carrying the cell phone number will not be able to call you. In this way, you can get rid of this unwanted problem.

However, at times it might be unintentional as well. In that case, the issue is not that much serious. A simple conversation is sufficient to lift the block.

Please do not use the methods mentioned for any illegitimate reasons.

How can I call someone who has blocked my number?

There are two prominent ways.

  • Use your phone,
  • Call from another phone.

Method 1: Using Your Phone


How you will make the call as you are blocked? Well. There is a simple solution. Experts have solutions for all problems.

The way is to hide your caller identity. You can hide your phone number easily. No matter if you use an iPhone or Android device. Both have the feature.

If you are using an iPhone, follow the method below.

  • Go to “Settings
  • Find the “Phone” option
  • Select “Show My Caller ID
  • Slide it to “Off

Now, you can make phone calls to any number. The call recipient will not be able to see your phone number.

If you are using an Android phone, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then find the “Call Settings
  • It’s “Additional Settings” next
  • Now you have “Caller ID
  • Select the “Hide Number” option.

You are done.

Call From Another Phone

I can bet I do not need to explain this method. You can take a phone from someone. And make the call. Explain the reasons. Mitigate the issues.


Facts to consider

Remember. This is a serious issue. Making a mistake, in this case, may land you in jail. And that is not the end. There might be many more negative consequences.

In fact, getting blocked is nothing so interesting. You may get blocked for many reasons. Some of the key reasons include

  • For causing harassment
  • For not meeting the commitment
  • If you disturb someone
  • When there are mismatches of thoughts
  • For any disputes

However, you may also be blocked for some unintentional reasons. For instance, it may happen while the phone is being handled by any kid. Accidental pressure on the features may also lead to blocking.

So, I would recommend following the instructions noted below.

Think Deep

Now you know ‘How can I call someone who has blocked my number.’ But this is not the end of the problem. You need to figure out the root. Why it happened? And then you need to find the solution.

When you are having a dispute, you may get blocked by the other party. The other party may consider it harassment. So, you need to make sure there would be no such issues.

A deep thought will help you figure out the consequences. If the consequences are negative, better give it up.

Take Time

Even if you are blocked, you need to take time. No matter who has blocked you. You should respect the matter. Making an instant call using another phone is not the solution. Rather, you need to wait for a certain time.

Try to communicate with the other party via other modes.


Lastly, if you make the call, get ready with an explanation. Ensure that your explanation is perfect. Often there are misunderstandings. And it may lead to blocking people.

If you can explain the matter clearly, perfectly, and smoothly, the problem is solved. Otherwise, it is wise not to communicate any further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any app to make phone calls?

Sure. There is a good number of applications available on the internet. Use Google to make the search. Of course, you will get plenty of apps for this purpose.

Can I take legal action against the blocker?

Sorry. You cannot take any legal action if someone blocks you. This is, in fact, your fault. Sad to say this. Initially, it appears you are guilty. So, you have been blocked.

Instead, you could be sued. It may take the turn of harassment. The opposite party may show numerous logic in favor of the blocking. Allegations may surface that you were harassing. Or you were defrauding the blocker.

For all such reasons, you cannot sue the blocker. Rather, try to negotiate the matter. In the end, it will be a suitable solution.

Can I use the Caller ID hiding option on my Samsung S8 phone?

Yes, you can do that. Samsung has an Android operating system. You need to follow the instructions for Android. Check the upper section of this post.

Last Words

Now, you are all aware. To be honest, making this post on how can I call someone who has blocked my number was tough. There were a number of issues to deal with. And it’s a sensitive matter as well.

So, whenever you apply the techniques, make sure you do it for legitimate reasons. Or, you may fall in trouble. And surely, the writer is not liable for your troubles. I have warned you several times.


Raymond Williams is a technology writer that lived with computers all his life. He is an expert character that writes articles about Windows, Gaming, Android, and How To Fixes.