How to Activate Voice Isolation on Ios 16.4

To activate voice isolation on iOS 16.4, go to Settings, select Accessibility, and toggle on the Voice Isolation option. Voice isolation is a feature present in iOS 16.4 that helps to enhance the audio quality during voice calls by reducing background noise.

It is particularly useful when making calls in noisy environments, such as in a café or on a busy street. The feature works by using advanced algorithms to isolate the sound of the user’s voice and filtering out unwanted background noise.

We will show you how to activate voice isolation on iOS 16. 4 in just a few simple steps. Follow the instructions below to experience the benefits of this feature during your next voice call.

How to Activate Voice Isolation on Ios 16.4


Steps To Activate Voice Isolation

To activate the voice isolation feature on your iOS 16.4, here are the four easy steps:

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Go to Accessibility
Step 3: Tap Audio/Visual
Step 4: Enable the ‘Mono Audio’ option

That’s it! Once you have enabled the Mono Audio option, your device will use both the left and right channels of your headphones to play the same audio. This results in isolating the voice and sounds in the center, and reducing the noise from other audio signals. This feature is extremely helpful if you are having difficulty hearing the audio clearly, especially in noisy environments. Now, you can enjoy your audio content with improved clarity!

How to Activate Voice Isolation on Ios 16.4


Testing Voice Isolation

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 16.4 and want to test the new Voice Isolation feature? Here are some simple steps to activate and test it:

Step 1: Make or receive a phone call.

Step 2: Cover one of the phone’s speakers with a finger.

Step 3: Confirm Voice Isolation feature is working by checking for any noticeable reduction in background noises.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily test the Voice Isolation feature on your iPhone. This feature blocks out background noise and ensures that your voice is heard clearly during phone calls. Enjoy the improved call quality with the Voice Isolation feature!

How to Activate Voice Isolation on Ios 16.4


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Activate Voice Isolation On Ios 16.4

How Do I Turn On Voice Isolation On Ios 16?

To turn on voice isolation on iOS 16, go to settings, select accessibility, and then select audio/visual. From there, turn on the “mono audio” option. This will allow you to hear audio in both ears, effectively isolating the sound and reducing background noise.

How Do I Make My Iphone Default Voice Isolation?

To make your iPhone default to voice isolation, go to Settings and navigate to Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Mono Audio. Toggle on the “Balance” option and slide the audio slider all the way to the left. This will isolate the sound to the bottom microphone, improving voice clarity during phone calls.

How Do I Isolate Voices On My Iphone?

To isolate voices on your iPhone, you can use the built-in accessibility feature called “Live Listen. ” First, enable “Live Listen” in the Control Center. Then connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth device or air pods and turn on Live Listen.

This will amplify the sound around you, isolating voices and reducing background noise.

Which Iphone Supports Voice Isolation?

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) and iPhone 11 support voice isolation.


With iOS 16. 4, Apple has made it easier for users to activate voice isolation on their devices. Whether you are in a noisy environment or just need some privacy, this feature can come in handy. By following the simple steps outlined you’ll be able to activate voice isolation in no time.

With this feature, you can enjoy crystal clear voice calls without any background noise interference. It’s a small but useful addition that can greatly enhance your user experience. Try it out and see for yourself!

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