How to Cancel Your Fortnite Crew

To cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, start by logging into your Epic Games account on their website. Once you’re logged in, click on the Account Settings button and select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu. You should see a list of all active subscriptions including Fortnite Crew.

Click on the Cancel icon next to it and follow the prompts to confirm cancellation. Your subscription will then be canceled automatically at the end of your current billing period without any additional charges. Make sure to save any progress or content that you may have purchased with V-Bucks prior to canceling as these items might not be available again after cancellation is completed.

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher: First, open up the Epic Games Launcher on your computer and log in with your account credentials
  • Click On Your Profile Icon: Once logged in, look to the top right of the window and click on your profile icon that looks like a person or a headshot
  • Select Subscriptions: Now you’ll be taken to the subscription page where you can manage all of your subscriptions such as Fortnite Crew, V-Bucks bundles, etc
  • Look for “Fortnite Crew” and click on it to select it from the list of available subscriptions shown there 4
  • Cancel The Subscription: After selecting Fortnite Crew, click on “Cancel Subscription” which is located at the bottom right corner of this page under the actions menu (it may say “Unsubscribe” instead)
  • This will immediately cancel your subscription and stop any future payments associated with it

How Do I Unsubscribe from Fortnite Crew?

If you no longer wish to be a part of the Fortnite Crew subscription, you can easily unsubscribe at any time. To do so, simply log into your Epic Games account and go to the “Subscriptions” page. From there, choose the option for canceling your membership and follow the instructions provided on-screen.

You should receive a confirmation once it has been successfully canceled and will no longer be billed for future months. It’s important to note that if you have already paid a month in advance, you will not be refunded for this amount, so make sure to cancel before being charged again!

How Do I Cancel Fortnite Crew Chapter 3?

If you are looking to cancel your Fortnite Crew Chapter 3 subscription, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is go into your account settings and select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option. Once this has been done, any remaining time on your current subscription will be automatically refunded back to you in V-Bucks or other forms of currency associated with your purchase.

If there are any additional issues regarding cancellation or refunds, it’s best that you reach out directly to Epic Games Customer Support for further assistance.

How Do I Cancel My Fortnite Crew Subscription on Pc?

If you want to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription on PC, the first step is to open up the Epic Games Launcher. From there, click on your account name located in the top right corner of the screen and select “Manage My Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu. On this page, you will be able to view all active subscriptions associated with your account.

You can then locate and select ‘Fortnite Crew’ and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’. Once that’s done, a confirmation message should appear letting you know that your subscription has been successfully canceled.

Why is My Fortnite Crew Subscription Not Showing Up to Cancel?

If your Fortnite Crew subscription is not showing up when you try to cancel it, the most likely cause is that it’s still in a pending state. This means that the payment process has not been completed yet and your subscription has not been activated. You won’t be able to access any of the benefits until the payment is processed, so if you want to cancel it before then, you’ll need to contact Epic Games customer support for assistance.

They can help get things sorted out on their end and make sure that your cancellation request is properly processed.

How to Cancel Fortnite Crew Xbox

If you are an Xbox player and want to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, there is a simple process you can follow. To do so, navigate to the ‘Subscriptions’ section of your Microsoft account settings and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ next to the relevant service (in this case Fortnite Crew). Confirm that you would like to proceed with canceling the subscription and that’s it!

Your Xbox membership will no longer renew automatically and you won’t be charged for any future payments.


This blog post provided a comprehensive guide on how to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription. It detailed the different steps you should take depending on whether or not you are canceling within the first 14 days of your subscription period. Overall, this post has made it easy to navigate and understand the process of canceling a Fortnite Crew membership so that you can save yourself time and money in the long run.