How to Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock?

Do you know a Nintendo Switch that runs with a battery? And does it need frequent charging when the battery dies?

Well. Nothing to worry about. There is a dock to charge the device with the necessary AC adapter. But what if when you are on the go?

You may need to charge the device without the dock. But do you know how to charge a Nintendo Switch without a dock? If the answer is negative, this is the right post for you. Go through the remaining part of the post.


It will help you get the right ideas to charge the Switch. You do not need any dock. A few simple gadgets will be sufficient.

Let’s check here.

What is Nintendo Switch?

This is a gaming device. It allows users to play various types of thrilling games. Starting its journey in 2017, the device has been able to win the hearts of millions. And the number is increasing gradually.

Gamers of all ages are almost addicted to this device. Therefore, the demand for this device is skyrocketing.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock?

Charging is an issue for the gamers. When they are out of the home, they may leave the dock at home. Naturally, it happens as they are in a rush during the trips.

But nothing to worry about.

You can charge your Nintendo switch even if you are not carrying the doc. It is simple and easy. Check here.

Step 1

Get a USBC cable. This is available in almost all the places. Also, get an adapter for the USBC cable. You can take a 1amp adapter. Alternatively, you can get a 2amp adapter too. When you use the former one, the charge will be a bit slower.

Using the latter one [the 2amp adapter] will let you charge faster.

Step 2

Connect the USB cable with the adapter. Then, connect the USBC cable to the port of your Nintendo Switch. You will find a USBC port on the side of the Nintendo Switch.

Make sure the connection is tight and perfect.

Step 3

Now, plug the adapter into any direct power source. See. The Nintendo Switch is getting charged.

You have to wait for two to three hours at a stretch. The Nintendo Switch will be charged completely by this time.

So, this is not rocket science. With simple three steps, you can recharge your Nintendo battery.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I Play Games While Charging the Switch?

Well, experts recommend using the Nintendo Switch when it has a full charge. But if you are a gaming geek, you are an exception. You can connect the switch to the dock or to the USBC port. And then wait until the switch gets started.

Then, you can keep playing. However, remember, this is a risky process. And not recommended at all.

Which Types of Games Can I Play on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of games. This is a gaming console. So, you are able to play a number of action, adventure, strategic, and other games. The most notable games include

  • Hades
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Hollow Knight
  • New Pokemon Snap
  • Celeste
  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Into the Breach, among others.

Can I Play Nintendo Switch Online?

Of course, you can play Nintendo Switch online. After getting connected online, you can play games with your friends and buddies. Also, you can play games sitting in the same room. This is an interesting feature, indeed.

Last Words

I hope it is clear how to charge a Nintendo Switch without a dock. And from now on, you won’t be in trouble for your device charging.

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Happy gaming!!!

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