How to Check If the Iphone Screen is Original

There are a few things that you can do in order to check if the iPhone screen is original. One thing that you can do is to look at the display itself. If it looks like it has been replaced, then it is likely not an original screen.

Another thing that you can do is to check the serial number of the device. If the serial number has been tampered with, then it is also likely not an original screen. Finally, you can try to use a tool such as iVerify to check whether or not the screen is original.

  • The following are steps on how to check if the iPhone screen is original: 1
  • Check for the Apple logo – The Apple logo should be present on the back of the phone and on the home screen
  • If it is not, then the screen may be a fake
  • Look for a Retina display – A retina display will have extremely clear and crisp images
  • If the images on the screen look fuzzy, then it is likely a fake
  • Inspect the touch response – An original iPhone screen will have smooth and responsive touch functionality
  • If the touchscreen feelslaggy or unresponsive, it may be a counterfeit product

How Do I Know If My Screen Replacement is Original?

There are a few ways that you can tell if your screen replacement is original. One way is to look for the Apple logo on the back of the screen. If it is not there, then it is likely a knockoff.

Another way to tell is by the quality of the display. If it looks blurry or pixelated, then it is probably a fake. Finally, you can try contacting Apple customer service to see if they can verify that your screen replacement is legitimate.

How Can You Tell If an Iphone Has Been Replaced?

When you purchase a new iPhone, it will come in a sealed white box with the Apple logo on it. If you open the box and find that the iPhone has been replaced, there are a few things you can look for to tell. First, check to see if the IMEI/MEID number on the back of the phone matches the one on the box.

If they don’t match, then the phone has been replaced. Another way to tell is by looking at the serial number on the back of the phone. The serial number should start with “C” followed by 11 numbers.

If it doesn’t, then it’s likely that the phone has been replaced. Finally, take a look at the earpiece speaker grill on top of the screen. On a replacement iPhone, this grill will be slightly misaligned compared to a brand new iPhone.

Are There Fake Iphone Screens?

Yes, there are fake iPhone screens. While some may argue that all phones have counterfeits, it’s especially rampant with Apple products. One reason is that people are willing to pay top dollar for the latest and greatest iPhone, so there’s a big market for fake parts.

Another reason is that Apple products are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making it difficult to replicate without cutting corners. That means that fake iPhone screens often don’t look or feel as good as the real thing. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone screen, be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

There are many reputable sellers out there, but there are also plenty of scams. Pay attention to the quality of the product and make sure you’re getting what you expect before handing over your hard-earned cash.

Do Iphone Screens Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, iPhone screens have serial numbers. You can find the serial number of your iPhone’s screen by looking in the Settings app under General > About. The serial number will be listed there along with other information about your device.

How To Check If iPhone Screen Is Authentic

How to Check Iphone Screen Test Code

If you want to check whether your iPhone’s screen is working properly, you can use the “Screen Test” code. This code will display a series of colors and patterns on your screen, which you can use to check for any dead pixels or areas of the screen that are not displaying correctly. To use the Screen Test code, simply enter *3001#12345#* into your phone’s dialer.

Once you do this, the test pattern will appear on your screen. To exit the test, just press the Home button.


If you want to be sure that your iPhone’s screen is original, there are a few things you can check. First, look for the Apple logo on the screen. If it’s not there, the screen is likely not original.

Second, check the resolution of the screen. If it’s lower than what Apple offers on their website, it’s probably not an original screen. Finally, take a close look at the display itself.

If it looks blurry or pixelated, it’s likely not an authentic iPhone screen.

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