How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Wifi?

I love to play Nintendo games. And I can bet, the number of Nintendo lovers is on the rise. But frequently, I am asked a question. What is that? That is a common question for almost everyone.

“How to connect Nintendo Switch to wifi?”

As I also love to write, many of the beginners have asked the question. So, instead of replying to them individually, I made up my mind to make this post.


Here, you will get the answer to this particular question. Moreover, I have injected a few additional pieces of information.

Finally, you will get a complete benefit from those. Being a commonly asked question, I tried to answer some FAQs as well.

So, let’s start exploring the topic.

What is Nintendo Switch?

I think you all have some common ideas about Nintendo switch. This is a gaming console. It was released in March 2017. Interestingly, you can use the console as a tablet and as a portable one. You can also make it a hybrid console by applying some devices.

For input, there are buttons and joy sticks. You can use all the buttons and sticks to control the game. It is like a traditional gaming console [small version]. Also, you can have a wireless version of this gamepad.

Alongside single-player, you can add multiplayer mode to this console. Therefore, gaming is fun and thrilling when you have a partner.

Nintendo Switch is the eighth generation of this genre.

Now, it has the ability to compete with several similar gaming consoles like Xbox One or Play Station 4.

The console and its parts 

Nintendo Switch comes with a gaming console. The gaming console has a console unit alongside a dock and two Joy-Con controllers.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Wifi?

If you want to enjoy online games, you need to connect the Switch to the wifi. If you are a newbie, the way might be difficult for you. However, not to panic. This post will help you get an internet connection.

So, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Find a suitable place

The first thing is that you need to find a suitable space to place your device. The space should be close to the wifi router. Make sure the distance is approximately not more than 10 feet. Usually, after this range, the wifi connection may not function well.

Step 2: Go to the Home menu

It’s time to connect to the internet. So, you must move to the Home menu. From the menu, select the Internet. And then go to “Internet Settings.”

The Nintendo device will start searching for available internet connections. To be more specific, it will search for the WiFi signals.

Step 3: Select the Wifi

You are in the last stage. Now, you have to select the wifi from the list that appeared. Provide the network password. And then, press OK.

You are connected to the internet.

Isn’t the process simple?

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Why you should use Nintendo Switch?

Remember, I am not a seller or marketer of this product at all. Don’t get me wrong. I just share my experiences. So that others could get benefitted. Thereby, I pen the articles to make your life easier.

But while using Nintendo, I felt it is a moral duty to share some of its benefits. Here they go.

Wonderful experience

The very first thing you will notice is the experience. Nintendo Switch [latest version] will make you feel amazed. The performance of this device is fast. It has taken gaming to a new height. And unless you use the console, you cannot feel it.


At the same time, this is a portable machine. You can carry it anywhere you want. Being smaller in size and shape, this has become a constant companion. But can you think of the same features as the other similar consoles? Nope. They are too heavy to carry.

Game loading time

Another interesting aspect is the game loading time. The games in this console load too faster. While using a PlayStation or Xbox, you may experience a moderate time. It may take at least five minutes and up to half an hour.

But the scenarios are different with Nintendo Switch. You can instantly load the game using the cartridge and start playing.

Covers less space

Simultaneously, the Nintendo Switch covers less space. Even, you can carry it in your hand and backpack. But the other consoles are larger in size and shape. Therefore, they cover a moderate space for placing those.

How to buy a Nintendo Switch?

Before you decide to buy a Nintendo Switch, you must know certain aspects.

Experts say to know the specs of the Switch. Besides, you the battery life of the devices. Remember, not all the Nintendo Switches have the same battery. So, you need to remain careful about it.

What do you get with a Nintendo Switch?

Usually, a Nintendo Switch arrives with several items. And ensure that you get all of them. Check the list below.

  • A Nintendo Switch console,
  • Left Joy-Con
  • Right Joy-Con
  • Joy-Con straps (pair)
  • An HDMI cable
  • Nintendo Switch dock
  • Joy-Con Grip
  • An AC adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the Nintendo Switch to the data connection?

This is a bit complex issue. Certainly, you can. But this is a complex and expensive issue. You have to switch on the data connection from your cellular phone. Then, follow the instruction above to connect the Switch to wifi.

How long can I use a Nintendo Switch at a stretch?

When charged, you can use the battery for more than five hours at a stretch. However, the duration may vary based on the types of games you play.

Can I watch movies on Nintendo Switch?

Sorry. This is not possible. The console is meant for gaming purposes. So, you can get enjoyment by playing games. And not being a device to broadcast content, you are deprived of it here.

Last words

This was all about how to connect Nintendo Switch to wifi. The process is simple, hassle-free, and takes a few minutes. Following the three steps above, you can easily get connected.

So, enjoy online games using your Nintendo Switch. Feel free to share your thoughts. Use the comment box below.


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