How to Connect to Wi-Fi Without Sim Card [Beginners Guide]

Do you know that you can still use your phone even if there is no sim card?

Well. The idea might be fresh for someone, while others may find it old.

However, we are not arguing here. Instead, we will know how to connect to wifi without a sim card.

In fact, a large number of people across the world use sim cards for communication. But this is possible too to make communication without the sim card installed on your phone. If you have an active internet connection or Wifi, you are ready to go.

This post also has some additional information for the readers. Let’s move to know the details.

What is a Sim Card?

Hopefully, you are familiar with a sim card. But do you really have an idea about the card?

In fact, the sim is the abbreviation of the subscriber identity module. It is a small portable chip that holds the information of a user. The card may store phone numbers, messages, and other relevant information.

Earlier, it was not possible to make a voice call unless you had a sim card on your phone. With the change of time, the scenarios have changed a lot.

Types of Sim Cards

At present, the sim cards are available in three sizes. The first one is the standard size; the second one is the micro sim card while the third one is the nano sim card.

However, now the micro and nano sim cards are the widely used cards. The standard is not that much used as they have a larger size. The older mobile phones used standard-size sim cards.

How to Connect to Wifi Without Sim Card?


Of course, you can connect to wifi without a sim card. The sim card functionality is different. It has nothing to do with getting connected to a wifi network.

However, the precondition is that you must own a smartphone. This is not possible for the feature phones to connect to a wifi network. So, if you can meet the precondition, the remaining process is almost effortless.

The Process  

Go to the settings of your device. The process is almost the same for both iOS and Android devices.

You need to go to the Settings option. From there, you will get the wifi option. Launch the wifi. It will show the available networks around.

Now, tap on the network that you want to connect your device. And then, provide the necessary credentials. Check that your device if it is connected with the wifi. You will see the wifi icon on the top of your screen.

Your device now is connected to the wifi network without a sim card.

Difference Between Wifi and Mobile Data 

Getting confused? Wifi and mobile phone data are two different elements.

In general terms, Wifi is a network that you can access without using a sim card on wifi-enabled devices. You need to get an active internet connection and use a router to spread the wave. The router spreads the wave of the internet and a receiver gets the connection.

On the other part, mobile data is another form of internet connection. You can avail of the mobile data only when you are using a sim card. The sim card subscribing company sells the data to the users.

So, it is evident that you can use wifi connection even if you don’t have a sim card. But to use mobile data connection, you must obtain a sim card.

Frequently Asked Questions    

How to use a mobile hotspot?

The first thing is that you need to have an active sim card with an active data connection.

First, you have to launch the data connection from your mobile phone. Then, you need to activate the mobile hotspot.

You can have all the options in your phone settings.

Can I make phone calls without a sim card?

Of course, you can. If you have a smartphone and an active internet connection, you can download several communication apps like WhatsApp, Imo, Viver, or Skype.

The apps will allow you to make voice calls for free. Interestingly, you can also use the apps for chatting, sending documents, or even can make video calls.

Is it possible to use a mobile phone without a sim card?

Sure, you can. In fact, without a sim card, you can smoothly use your phone. But the phone needs to be a smart one. Using wifi connection, you can browse the internet, download and play games, watch movies, enjoy songs, and more.

Last Words

It was all about how to connect to wifi without a sim card. Probably, you have the right idea of using wifi if you lack a sim card. But remember, you can do certain things without a sim card. You will need it to get a specific phone number and communicate with people.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Use the comment section below and share your thoughts. We will get back to you as fast as possible.

Good day!

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