How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Chromebook USB [Simple Guide]

Do you know the additional usage of the Xbox controller?

I guess, many of my readers lack the idea. They can use the Xbox controller for many more purposes other than gaming. You can use that on a Chromebook, as well.

But do you know how to connect the Xbox one controller to Chromebook USB?

Don’t worry if you cannot connect them together.

This post will watch your back.

Here, you will know the process to connect your Xbox controller to a Chromebook. Also, the post will render some additional information. In the end, you will get some in-depth knowledge.

So, let’s explore the process here.

What is a Chromebook?

In this present age, we have numbers of options to explore. Chromebook is one of those. This is a new laptop variety.

The key feature is that it allows the users to complete their tasks faster. It runs with Chrome operating system. Besides, the system has a cloud storage facility. Hence, it is easier to store documents and data to the storage.

You do not need worries about the security. The security system, in fact, arrives with the latest features and functions. Multiple layers add additional strength to the system. Thus, it is a great option to explore.

Consequently, a large number of people are switching to Chromebook. They complete their everyday tasks using this smart machine.

What is Xbox Controller?

Hopefully, you are aware of this device. This is a game controller. You can use the controller while playing video games on the Xbox console – developed by Microsoft.

The controller has many exciting features to explore. Another impressive factor is durability. This device is far durable than most other contemporary video game controllers.

Xbox controllers are available in two formats – wired and wireless.

The wired one needs a cable to be connected with the console. And as the name suggests, the wireless one needs no cable or cords. It connects automatically if you have an active Bluetooth connection.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Chromebook USB?

It’s a pretty simple process. you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1

You have to pair the Xbox controller with the Chromebook to use it. You will need a micro USB cable.

Now, launch your Chromebook. Then, use the micro usb cable.

Connect the cable to the Xbox controller part (located in the front side of the controller). And then plug the usb port to your Chromebook.

Step 2

You need to pair them. If the Bluetooth option of your Chromebook is on, the pairing will be automatic. The controller will vibrate and the controller light will remain stable.

Otherwise, you need to manually turn on the Bluetooth option of your Chromebook.

Step 3 (optional)

If the Xbox controller is not paired, turn the Bluetooth on.

Feel the vibration and check if the controller light remains lit. The connection is complete.


However, if you are not happy with the wired connection, you can go wireless.

In this case, you will need a wireless Xbox controller.

As the first step, start pairing from your controller. Press the home button of the controller. It will start blinking.

Then, press the pairing button on the front part. The home button will start a faster blinking – it means the controller is ready to pair.

Next, go to the Bluetooth option of your Chromebook. Click on it, and the option will start searching devices to pair.

Once it discovers the Xbox controller, click on that for pairing. The pairing will be completed in a while.

It’s done.

Benefits of Using Xbox Controller with Chromebox

Of course, there are certain benefits of using an Xbox controller with a Chromebook. If you are a gamer, you must know this. Check them here.

  • The first thing is comfort. While gaming, you do not need to battle with the Chromebook keypad. Instead, you can use the controller to run the games. Moreover, it is more enjoyable when you go wireless.
  • Secondly, Xbox controllers last for a long time. So, when you are using the controller, you are reducing pressure from your Chromebook keypad. In the long run, the keypad remains healthy and renders the optimum support. Thus, you should use the Xbox controller.
  • Moreover, some of the games may not be compatible with a Chromebook. It happens for some issues like DirectX or more like that. But using the Xbox controller will remove those matters. You can smoothly play the games on the Chromebook.

Last Words

I made this simple guide on how to connect xbox one controller to chromebook usb for my readers. Because I know how difficult it is to run the games on a Chromebook unless you have the controller.

The connection process is effortless.

However, if you are still in trouble, ask for more help. Let us know what you want. Use the comment section to share your thoughts. We will get back to you as fast as possible for us.

Thank you for reading the post.

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