How To Crouch In Fortnite

The present mind is necessary for fortnite. “How to crouch in fortnite” is all about you and your character. Have some joy and play this game being crouched.

How To Crouch In Fortnite:

Undoubtedly Fortnite is not an easy game to play; you need a lot of practice and patience as you know that the controlling schedule of fortnite is full of complexity. It offers multiple controllers to fight battle and making machines. Some of its actions are hard to understand and control.

In the combat actions, crouching is one of the fine acts that you can do. By crouching, a player can improve its furtiveness strategies and can even preserve a low-level profile. After complete research and experiments, finally, I have learned proper crouching in fortnite.

After me, how can I forget you? Once I got confirmation about this action then frequently decided to share a complete guide with you all friends. If you really want to know;

  • Fortnite crouching on (PC)
  • Fortnite crouching on PS$ and XBOX

Then please read carefully. In the end, you will be able crouching in all these controllers. Though let us start first with PC.

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How to crouch on (PC)?

You must have to know that crouching in fortnite is quite different in each platform. This difference desperately occurs due to their configuration. On computer left ctrl is crouching button by default. 

Even fortnite offers you to set controlling scheme by going setting menu àInput. This menu is available at the upper right corner. You will have a crouch key at the bottom of this menu list. Now press crouch (battle royal) and set it simply at the bottom of the input list.

How to Crouch in Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox One?

I have already told you that crouching in fortnite is different on multiple platforms. It depends more on the controllers that you are using. Fortnite does not allow you to customize your controller scheme fully, similar to the PC.

For this type of situation, epic games offer you a variety of controller layouts, including Xbox, PS4. These controllers are single to play fortnite, whether these are designed with

  • Quick builder & standard structure L1 (PS4), LB (Xbox One)
  • Combat pro-control configuration (Right Thumb Stick (Tap to Crouch, Hold to Repair).

On Xbox or PS4 we can crouch by using a single controller. Gently tap left shoulder key. Keep in mind that crouch controllers are quite the same in both quick controllers and standard stricter in fortnite.

The second configuration combat pro is quite different from both Xbox and PS4. It allows the right thumb-stick for crouching. In combat, pro players should have to only press thumb-stick instead of hold it.

Further, in fortnite, we can see only crouch/un-crouch by taping the crouch button double time. You can do anything by holding the crouch button simply. Having toggle between holding and taping is extremely good in fortnite because it will help you to add an extra customized layer. You may provide this customized layer to player preferences

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Is crouching in fortnite good to do?


If you are familiar with fortnite, then you must already know that this Royal game has a variety of ways to play and get the victory. In all its victory, gaining tricks crouching is such a wonderful and working trick.

By crouching, a player can shoot an enemy and can save himself by enemy fire shots. Personally, I’m a big fan of fortnite, and I must recommend crouch by mixing, and another trick “crouch peek.”

This way, you may get an advantage of third party camera position in fortnite and also can make yourself as crouched. After crouching with crouch peek, you can move your mouse to see your opponent, who is not easy to see.


Remember! that by crouching, you can move around silently and can easily ambush your enemy. You know what? A lot of people still believe that crouching is not good to do because it reduces your speed and keeps you down. Therefore your enemy can find you easily and make you die.

Well, It was all in “How to crouch in fortnite” that I realized and know about fortnite crouching. If still, you want to know something extra then you may search your desired topic in my other articles.

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