How to Delete Video from Lorex Security Camera

It’s pretty simple to delete the video from your Lorex security camera- all you need is a few taps on the screen of your mobile device.

  • Open the Lorex Security Camera app on your mobile device
  • Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the main menu
  • Tap “Settings” in the main menu
  • In the “Settings” menu, tap “Manage Cameras”
  • In the “Manage Cameras” menu, select the camera you want to delete by tapping on it
  • On the camera details screen, tap “Delete Camera”
  • A confirmation message will appear asking if you’re sure you want to delete this camera; tap “Yes” to confirm and delete the selected camera from your account

How Do I Remove Security Camera Footage?

Removing security camera footage can be a tricky process, depending on the type of security camera and the footage itself. If you have a CCTV system, the footage is likely stored on a DVR or NVR (digital video recorder or network video recorder). To remove this footage, you would need to delete it from the recorder.

This can usually be done by accessing the menu and selecting the ‘delete’ or ‘erase’ option. Some recorders may also have an auto-delete feature that will automatically erase old footage after a certain amount of time.

If your security camera stores footage locally on an SD card or other storage device, you can simply remove the storage device and delete the files manually.

Again, some cameras may have an auto-delete feature that will erase old files after a certain amount of time. If your camera is cloud-based, things get a little more complicated.

Many cloud-based cameras allow you to set how long recordings are stored before they are deleted (usually 1-30 days).

So if you want to remove footage, you would need to access your account settings and change the ‘storage duration’ to 0 days. This will ensure that any new recordings are immediately deleted.

However, it’s important to note that this won’t delete any recordings that have already been stored in the cloud – you would need to do this manually.

How Do I Clear Storage on Lorex?

If you’re looking to clear storage on your Lorex system, there are a few different ways you can go about doing it. One option is to delete old footage that you no longer need.

To do this, simply log into your account, select the “Storage” tab, and then click on the “Delete” button next to the footage you want to get rid of.

Another way to clear storage is by archiving footage that you want to keep but don’t need immediately. This can be done by going into the “Storage” tab and selecting the “Archive” option. Once archived, this footage will be stored off-site and won’t take up space on your local system.

Finally, if you have a lot of footage that you need to keep but don’t want to archive or delete, you can upgrade your storage plan. This will give you more space on your system so you can keep all of your footage without having to worry about running out of space.

How Do I Delete All Lorex Dvr Recordings?

Assuming you want to delete all recordings on your Lorex DVR:

  1. On your remote control, press the Menu button.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to System Setup and press Enter.
  3. Scroll to Factory Default and press Enter again.
  4. In the next menu, scroll to Yes and press Enter one last time.
  5. Your DVR will reboot and all recorded footage will be erased!

How Do I Delete Recordings from My Dvr?

Deleting recordings from your DVR is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.

First, locate the recording that you wish to delete. Second, press the “delete” or “recording” button on your remote control.

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision to delete the recording. Once you have confirmed, the recording will be deleted and you will be returned to the main menu.

Lorex Storage Full

If you have a Lorex security system, you may have noticed that your storage is full. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to review footage and find that it’s all been recorded over. Here are some tips on how to clear up storage space on your Lorex security system.

First, take a look at the quality of the footage that you’re storing. If it’s lower quality than you need, consider changing the settings to record at a higher quality.

This will use up more storage space, but the trade-off may be worth it if you need better-quality footage.

Next, check to see how long your footage is being stored. If you don’t need to keep it for very long, consider reducing the amount of time that it’s stored for. This will free up space so that new footage can be recorded over it.

Finally, take a look at what else is taking up space on your hard drive. If there are any files or programs that you don’t need, delete them to free up even more space.


If you have a Lorex security camera, you may be wondering how to delete the video from it. The process is actually quite simple and only takes a few steps.

First, open the app and log in.

Then, go to the settings menu and select “Delete.”

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