How to Duplicate A Page in Word?

Undoubtedly Microsoft word office or MS Word is an amazing typing tool. It is designed incredibly in the range of Microsoft, especially for Windows. Not only for PC but Microsoft Word can also be used for mobile phones.

How to duplicate a page in word

How to duplicate a page in Word?

Web designers have made an app like Microsoft Office, in which you may have all Microsoft parts including Microsoft Excel.

By using Microsoft Word, we may do a lot of documented tasks due to its advanced features. It works great instead of any other word processor.

Congratulations to you all!

Now you don’t have to copy a single word/sentence of the current page in order to make a duplicate word page. Yes, you have heard right because it offers you to make a full duplicate page of your current page within seconds.

In the past, it was not easy, and people were creating a new page by typing the same material on another page. Say thanks to the Microsoft Office that upgrade MS word office. After copying a page, you may keep it in your saving documents or also can delete the previous page after creating a new one.

Well, it is all as per your desire! Commonalty people delete the previous page after creating a duplicate page. Anyways if you are still trying to be familiar with MS Word, then this page is going to surprise you. Here we have shared some basic info regarding duplicate pages on MS Word.

Making a duplicate page in MS Word:


  • Open the desired page that you want to duplicate.
  • Click in the center and press “ctrl+A” to highlight the whole page
  • Now press “ctrl+C” in order to copy all pages.
  • Look above in your page; there is an Insert option; please press it and tap “blank page.” this way, a new page will open beside the current page.
  • Now press “ctrl+V” and paste your entire page at a blank page.

Look how simple it was. Now don’t worry about creating a duplicate page and forgetting to re-type a full page. By following this procedure, you may create a duplicate page for any of your previous pages.

Making multiple duplicate pages of documentation in MS Word:

Well, similar to the single page duplicating a page in multiple pages is also easy. Let us have complete steps to follow;


  • If a person wants to copy a single page from a lengthy documented file, then he/she has to open a documentation file with a size of 40-50.
  • Now hold the right mouse and click on a page (from start to end) that you want to copy.
  • Press “ctrl+C” to copy the whole page and open up a new (blank) page for pasting this page
  • On your new page hold your mouse and click in the center.
  • Press “ctrl+V” to paste this page to the new place

Most people use Insert to have a new page for pasting something. When you use the insert option, then a new page will open up at the place of your mouse arrow. This is why always put your arrow after the last word of the previous page.

Wonder! Now easily place your mouse arrow on the blank page and press “ctrl+V” to create a duplicate of your copied page.

Create a duplicate page by (The save As option):

No problem if you are not willing to copy and paste documentation in Microsoft Word. Saving and downloading options are always best for creating something identical. If you really want to know how to do that then have look below;


  • Open up Microsoft Word and then your desired file that should be copied.
  • Press the “files menu,” or also you may press the MS Office icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Press “Save As” and again save the file by giving a different name.
  • MS Office will ask you to select a place to save this file.
  • Select the position and press the save options easily.

Duplicate A Page in Word

Finally, now you have created a duplicate file of the same documentation with a different name.

Bottom Line:

Well, it is not essential to duplicate a file or page on Microsoft word office, but having something indistinguishable for the most important documentation is good. It actually reduces the risk of something lost.

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