[Easy Tricks] How to Factory Reset A Hisense Tablet?

Of course, using a tablet has tremendous benefits. The users can have easy access to the internet – anytime and anywhere.

But at times, you need to face troubles. The tablet may not function properly. And it needs a resetting.

Do you know how to factory reset a Hisense tablet? Let me guess – you lack the complete idea.

You know, many of the users are similar to you. They also lack the right know-how to reset a tablet. Hence, it was necessary to make this post.

It will inform you about the entire process. Additionally, you will get some other information. Perhaps, they will improve your knowledge domain.

Let’s explore them here.

What is a Hisense Tablet?

I know you are wondering. Hisense is mostly famous for its home theaters. But in recent days, the Chinese company has started manufacturing tablets, as well.

You will get tablets of several models and features.

Moreover, the devices are up to the mark and run with android operating system. The tablets look great and compatible for any ages of people. Besides, the size and shape of the tablets are smarter. Even you can use the tablets in different situations including while riding or driving a car.

Therefore, the tablets of this particular brand are getting famous nowadays.

How to Factory Reset A Hisense Tablet?


Well. The process is pretty simple. There are several methods available for this purpose. Among those ways, I have selected the simplest one. Probably, it will not cause any hassle to the readers.

Check the steps below.

Step 1

Check the power key of your tablet. Press it for a few moments. Then, press and hold the Volume Down button. Remember, you have to press and hold both buttons together for the next few seconds.

Step 2

Release the keys once the screen of Android appears there. Now, press and hold the volume up and power button together again to get into recovery mode.

You will get several options. From the options, select the “factory reset” option. You may also see the option like this – “wipe data/ factory reset.”

Step 3

You are in the final stage. You have to confirm your selection. So, select Yes in order to remove all the user data.

Use the volume down button to browse the options. The power button will work to select the options.

Then, restart your phone. Select the “reboot system now” option. Wait for the next few moments. Your device will get a factory reset.

You are done.

Benefits of using Hisense Tablet

Do you know why a large number of people globally use tablets?

The reasons are numerous. Tablets provide exclusive comfort for the users. In fact, they arrive with outstanding features like a laptop. They look smarter, and of course, tablets are more convenient.

So, let’s check some of the key benefits of using tablets, especially Hisense tablet


The first thing is that they arrive with a lightweight. Usually, the tablets have some weight for their body construction. But the body of this particular brand’s tablet is lightweight. Thus, carrying the Hisense tablets is comfortable.

Moderate Screen Size

A tablet arrives with up to 10 inches of screen. Hisense tablets are no exception. The tablets from this manufacturer have up to 10 inches of screen size. So, you have a magnificent feature – you can keep the tablet in your pocket. Even, You can even carry it using a small bag if you are uncomfortable placing it in the pocket.

Smooth Connectivity

Another impressive factor is the impressive connectivity by using the tablet. Usually, the tablets are made from the best chips, motherboards, and other equipment. Thereby, you get an uninterrupted and strong connection anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, you will get a large screen to enjoy the internet. Using a mobile screen will cast a negative impression on your eyes. But using the Hisense tablets will let you feel comfortable.


Did you ever compare the price between a laptop and a tablet? Especially, a Hisense tablet?

Well. If you want to be economical but would love to get all other services, the Hisense tablet is the perfect match. The tablets arrive at an affordable price for everyone. In fact, the prices are not too much or less. Easily, you can afford one of those with a moderate budget.

User-Friendly Operation

Do not be afraid about the operating system. It is an Android operating system. And you know, this is highly user-friendly. Almost all the people are aware of this operating system. Hence, it would not be a big deal for you to operate the tablet.

Last Words

It was all about how to factory reset a Hisense tablet. Probably, you have the right information here. Also, you have some additional information.

So, don’t worry about getting one of those products and share your experience. If you need any other assistance, use the comment section to write us. We will get back to you with the proper solution.

Thank you for reading the post.

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