How to Find Imported Photos on iPhone And iPad?

No doubt that iPhone photography is the word of the day. A large number of people are using their iPhones and iPads to click awesome photos.

At times, they import photos from their computer and other sources to their iPhones or iPads. But it is difficult to find the photos. Why?

Because you do not know How to Find Imported Photos on iPhone & iPad.


This is a common issue for everyone. Especially, those who are new to iPhone and iPad. Not to be panicked. This is not a big deal, indeed. And this post will help as a resource to find out the photos.

Let’s explore the process.

How to Find Imported Photos on iPhone And iPad?

This is a two-step guide. In fact, this is a petty issue that most people are unaware of. But here, you will get the explanations in brief for better comprehension.

Step 1: Launch Your Photos App

As the first step, you have to open your Photos app. This is the app that contains all the photos of your phone.  No matter if it is an iPhone or an iPad, the photos will be stored in the same location.

Step 2: Go to Albums

After opening the Photos, go to the Album section. There, you will have several options. Keep scrolling until you find the Imports.

In the Import section, you will get all the imported photos. You can select all the photos or any of the photos.

The process is complete.

How to Import Photos from iPhone and iPad?

Importing photos from an iPhone is not a big task. It takes a few minutes and you can transfer the photos to your computer smoothly.

To transfer photos to your computer from an iPhone (or iPad), you need a data cable.

Generally, the charger cable (USB cable) plays the same role. You can use that for transferring the photos. So, insert the cable to the computer and connect it to your device.

You will see a dialogue box asking you about several options. Select the transferring photo option. All your photos will be transferred to your computer. Wait until the photo transfer ends.

Importing Photos

Alternatively, you can import photos to your iPhone or iPad.

Launch iTunes on your computer. If you do not have iTunes, download and install the latest version.

Now, connect your device to the data cable. The iTunes will detect the device.

Using iTunes, you can import photos to the device. Also, you can transfer music, ringtones, and others.

Advantages of Using iPhone for Photography

Yes, this could be an important question – why iPhone?

Well. The key fact is that the iPhone has some amazing cameras in its phone. The device is also a great tool for beginners and professionals.

When you do not have a professional camera, but you need to take a pro shot, iPhone is the best.

Let’s check a few of the key features.

Bright Lens

Usually, the photos taken by iPhone are brighter. And they do not have any cloudy environment. It happens for the bright lens. As the lens is wide, it allows more light to enter, and it captures the light. Therefore, low-light photography is fun with the iPhone. Moreover, the lens is brighter on the latest iPhones than on the former models.

Large Screen

At the same time, the iPhone screen is another advantage. On the large screens, you can check the entire subjects and objects for your photos. But this is not possible to check everything even on a professional DSLR camera. Therefore, people prefer the iPhone more for photography.

Enhanced Image Quality

Considering the other smartphones, the iPhone ensures a better image quality. You can have the exact color on the photo as you see it in real life. But the other smartphones do not allow this feature. Thus, the photos look a bit blurry or noisy.

Photo Editing Apps

Further, there are a number of photo editing apps available for iPhones. So, if you want to add any special effects to your photo, you can do that smoothly. They also allow basic editing alongside special effects. And you know, the apps are almost free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Disadvantage of iPhone Photos?

Well. There is no optical zoom in the iPhone. It’s only digital. Hence, if you zoom something on the photo, the photo may not look too sharp. In fact, zooming may reduce the resolution of the photos.

Can I Print iPhone Photos?

Of course, you can print iPhone photos. But there are certain conditions to follow. You cannot have a larger print than 8 X 10. Because of the smaller sensor, the phone cannot capture the photos like professional DSLRs. Hence, when you print larger, the photos may lose their detail.

Can I Transfer Photos From an iPhone to an Android Device?

Sure, you can transfer photos. But you need to follow certain steps. At first, you have to import the photos to your computer, and then to your Android device. There is no direct option. However, you can transfer photos between Android to android directly.

Also, you can transfer the iPhone photos to your Facebook or other social platforms. You can download the photos using your Android device by logging in to the social platforms.

Last Words

I think you are aware of How to Find Imported Photos on iPhone & iPad. Do not forget to share your success. Use the comment box below. Share your thoughts and experiences.

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Happy iPhone photography!

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