How to Fix iTunes Error 54 in Windows 10 – Easy Steps to Solve!

Almost everyone is familiar with iTunes.

In fact, this virtual tool has become an inevitable part of using iPhones. It helps to manage your phone through the computer. And you can enjoy numbers of facilities.

However, at times, there might be some issues with iTunes. And showing Error 54 is one of the common issues.

So, do you know How to Fix iTunes Error 54 in Windows 10?

Fix iTunes Error 54 in Windows 10

I guess, the answer is negative for most of you. Not to panic. This post will watch your back. Here, you will get the necessary ideas about solving the process. Let’s check them below.

How to Fix iTunes Error 54 in Windows 10?

The problem occurs when you want to synchronize your phone using iTunes. Suddenly, you may witness the error. It may say – error 54.

It may happen for a good number of reasons. So, in such scenarios, you need to do the following tasks.

Restart Your PC

The first thing is restarting your computer. Also, you can restart your device. At times, the error can appear when the iTunes is not functional. Thus, you need to download the latest version of iTunes from the internet.

On the other part, you need to install the latest software for your phone. Downloading the software and installing it is not a big deal. Thereby, download the latest software and install. Hopefully, the problem will vanish.

Compile Media Files

At the same time, you need to keep all the music files for your app library in the same location. If the media files are in separate, they may cause the trouble. Thus, you need to integrate them in a single folder.

Then connect your device again and launch iTunes. Hope, it will work fine.


Also, it is the antivirus software that is causing the issue. Hence, you can pause the operation of the software and try again. Remember, you may install different types of third-party software on your computer. The problem might be associated with them, too.

So, the experts recommend to check the software and retry. This may resolve the issue.

Go For Small Files

The error may appear when you are trying to work with lots of files. It may puzzle the iTunes to sync all those elements at a time.

Therefore, you can divide the items into small file instead of processing at a time. If the small batches fix the problem, you are lucky. And from next, try to install or sync small amount of files. You may not have this problem again.

Try Re-Downloading

Tech experts also recommend to re-download contents for iTunes. At times, the old contents may cause the trouble. Some of them may get corrupted, while some may have compatibility issues.

Simultaneously, you can delete some of the old contents, and re-import them. Use original source to download those contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iTunes?

In a nutshell, iTunes is a software that works like a media player. You can run various types of songs and music. Also, it works like a tool to customize your music experience on your iPhone.

Usually, people use the tool to sync their music list, ringtones, updating the device, among others.

How Can I Use iTunes?

In order to use iTunes, you have to download the latest version. You can download it from the official website of Apple. Also, there are some external or third-party sources. From there, you have to download the software considering your PC types.

Next, you have to install it on the computer. Connect your iPhone with the computer using a data cable. The iTunes will be launched and detect the device automatically.

Can I Synchronize My Music in iTunes?

Sure, you can sync your music. To do that, you have to download the music files on the iTunes library. Then, connect your iPhone and sync it accordingly. All the music files will be uploaded on your device. And you can enjoy music smoothly.

Last Words

So, now you know How to Fix iTunes Error 54 in Windows 10. The procedures are almost the same for other devices like Mac. You need to follow the same approaches.

Follow the steps mentioned above. And hopefully, the error will not appear again.

Do not forget to share this post to your social media outlets. And if you have any queries, feel free to drop us a line. We are always there to get back to you with the solution.

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