How to Fix no Media Device on TV [Smart Hack]

You know, watching television is of great fun. But the fun doubles when you get a media device to enjoy some exclusive shows. In fact, this is the blessing of the technology.

But what if you see the message of no media device found? Do you know how to fix no media device on tv?

Well. This is not a big deal. When you encounter similar problem, you will have plenty of ways to deal with. This post is one of them.

Here, you will get the easiest way to fix the issue, and continue enjoying your television shows.

Let’s dive deeper and figure out the issues.

What is no Media Device?

This is a common issue for the smart television sets. When the input port is unable to find any device, it shows the message.

For instance, you have inserted a flash drive or Amazon firestick, the television may not recognize it. At that moment, it will show the message that there is no media device found.

You wanted to enjoy a television show on the large screen at your home. But the no media device issue is barring you from enjoying that.

Not to worry. This is a fixable problem. In fact, every seven in ten users face it. Follow the instructions here to solve it.

How to Fix no Media Device on TV?


If you see a “No Media Device” on your television screen, you need to do the following.

Step 1

Check all the connections

It is the first thing you need to do. You have to check the connections of your television.

– Check the cable connection

– Check if the USB input port is functional

– Crosscheck whether the USB device is functional or not

– If the cords are connected properly

– If the connection box gets power

– If the plug is in the right position

– Check the television receiver and cable connection

– If you are using the right cable for HDMI connection

Step 2

Reset the television

If everything is fine and still your media device is unavailable, you need to reset the television. In fact, if there is not hardware issues, resetting the television will help to solve the problem. But if there are hardware issues, you must consult a repair shop or the manufacturer.

The Process

Turn off your television set. Wait for a while. Then, turn it on again. When the television is switched on, go to the Settings option. Use the remote controller to get into this option.

Now, go to the General option. You will get several options but select the General.

Then, select the reset option. Enter the pin. Usually, the default pin is 0000 or 1234. Then, select the reset option. Now wait for the television to restart. It’s an automated process.

Hopefully, the problem will be solved instantly.

Bonus Hacks 

You know, all the problems may not be solved in the aforesaid two steps (for everyone). Because of the television brand and connection types, the problems may vary.

So, you will get a few additional problems here and their ways to get rid of them.

TV not Connecting to the Wi-Fi 

Getting no connection is one of the common problems. There might be several issues behind this connection failure.

So, you need to check the internet connection first. Try to get the internet through wifi on your smartphone. Also, you can check it through the computer (if you have an Ethernet connection). Later, check if your television plugs are okay.

Also, you need to recheck the wifi connection of your television set. If you find the internet connection right, you need to reset the connection of your television.

Go to the settings of your television (using the remote control). Then reset the wifi connection. Enter the login details properly. And then reconnect.

This time, the connection will be established. However, if still there is the same problem, you need to consult the manufacturer.

Frequent Internet Connection Losing

Losing the internet connection frequently is another common problem. The internet may stop working. Or you may have to wait until the connection is restored. After a few moments, the problem appears again.

If you witness a similar problem, take the remote controller. Go to the settings. Reset the network.

This will refresh the network. It will also solve if there is any technical glitches. Then, restart the television. In the end, you will get a stable internet connection.

Unable to Get Wi-Fi Connection 

Not getting connected to wifi is another sort of problem. And it may happen for several reasons.

The first thing is the availability of the connection. Make sure the internet router is located in a balanced position. It will ensure the wave to spread across the rooms.

Then, set up the wifi connection. Provide the necessary credentials for the connection like selecting the network, and using the password.

Now, connect to the wifi. Hopefully, you will not face the same problem.

Last Words

Thank you for going through this post on how to fix no media devices on TV.

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