How to Get Free Nintendo Coins

There are a few ways to get free Nintendo coins. One way is to sign up for the My Nintendo rewards program and earn points by completing missions. These points can be redeemed for digital games, discounts, and other rewards.

Another way to get free coins is through certain websites that offer them as a reward for completing tasks or offers. Finally, some physical games include codes for free coins that can be redeemed on the eShop.

  • Go to the official Nintendo website and create an account
  • Once you have created an account, login and click on the “My Nintendo” section
  • On the My Nintendo page, there will be a section called “Earn Points
  • ” Click on that section and then look for opportunities to earn points by completing certain tasks or activities
  • Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for free Nintendo Coins which can be used to purchase digital games and other items from the Nintendo eShop

How to Earn FREE MONEY on Nintendo Switch Games: My Nintendo Gold Points (Physical + Digital)

How Do You Get 1000 Gold Points on Nintendo Switch?

In order to get 1000 gold points on your Nintendo Switch, you will need to purchase and register certain games or applications. Each game or app has a different value in terms of how many gold points you can earn. For example, Super Mario Odyssey is worth 500 gold points, while Splatoon 2 is only worth 100.

In order to receive the full 1000 gold points, you must complete these tasks: – Purchase and register two games that are each worth at least 500 gold points. – Purchase and register four apps that are each worth at least 250 gold points.

– Spend a total of $60 USD in the Nintendo eShop. – Redeem Gold Points that you have earned through My Nintendo missions.

Can You Get Gold Points from Free Games?

Yes, you can get gold points from free games. You can also get gold points from paid games, but the amount you get is usually much less than if you had purchased the game outright. The best way to get a lot of gold points is to buy them in bulk, which you can often do through online retailers.

How Much is 600 Nintendo Gold Points?

Nintendo Gold Points can be used to purchase games and DLC on the Nintendo eShop. 600 Nintendo Gold Points is equivalent to $6 USD.

How Do I Get Free Platinum Points on My Nintendo?

My Nintendo is a rewards program that offers points for digital purchases and activities. These points can be redeemed for select Nintendo games, in-game items, and discount coupons. While some rewards require platinum points, many can be obtained with the free gold points earned through everyday activities.

Here are some ways to earn more platinum points: -Purchase eligible digital games and DLC from the Nintendo eShop or official Nintendo website. -Complete missions in specific games to earn bonus points.

Check out the My Nintendo Mission page for current titles and point values. -Buy select physical games from participating retailers to receive a download code worth 5x the game’s Gold Point value. -Enter special My Nintendo sweepstakes for a chance to win codes for rare Platinum Point prizes.

With these tips, you should be on your way to racking up plenty of Platinum Points to redeem for all sorts of great rewards!

Free Nintendo Gold Points Code

Nintendo Gold Points are a new way to get the most out of your Nintendo Switch experience. With every purchase made from the Nintendo eShop, you’ll earn points that can be used toward future games, DLC, and more! The best part is that there’s no need to keep track of any physical cards or coupons—everything is done digitally through your Nintendo account.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Nintendo Gold Points work. When you make a qualifying purchase from the Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive one point for every dollar spent (5% back in rewards). For example, if you buy a $60 game, you’ll earn 360 points—enough to get $3.60 off your next purchase, or 3% back.

You can also earn points by purchasing select retail games and registering them to your account; these will usually net you between 50 and 100 points each. And if you have MyNintendo gold coins left over from previous rewards programs, don’t worry—these can still be redeemed for eligible purchases on the eShop. Once you’ve accrued some points, spending them is easy.

Just head to the “Add funds & Redeem codes / RedeemGoldPoints” page on your Nintendo account and select how many points you want to use (100 points = $1). Your discount will then be applied at checkout when making your next purchase on the eShop. You can check how many points you have available at any time by visiting the same page on your account; note that any unused points will expire 12 months after they were earned.

So far, there haven’t been too many opportunities to use Gold Points since the program launched in March 2017—but with E3 right around the corner, we expect that to change very soon! In the meantime, start stockpiling those points so you’re ready for all the great deals coming our way.


If you’re a fan of Nintendo, then you know that their coins can be quite expensive. Coins are used to purchase items in games, and they can be difficult to come by if you don’t want to spend real money on them. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can get free Nintendo coins without spending any money.

One way to get free coins is by using codes that are available online. You can find codes for various games and redeem them for coins. Another way to get free coins is by participating in surveys or other offers from Nintendo.

Sometimes, these offers will give you the chance to earn points which can be redeemed for coins. If you keep your eyes open and take advantage of opportunities when they arise, you should be able to amass a decent amount of free Nintendo coins over time. With enough patience and effort, you could even have enough for all the items you’ve been wanting!