How to Get Nintendo Points for Physical Games

To get Nintendo points for physical games, you need to purchase a qualifying game from a participating retailer. After you have purchased the game, you will receive a code that can be redeemed at the Nintendo eShop. The number of points you’ll receive varies by game.

  • The following steps explain how to get Nintendo points for physical games: 1
  • Purchase a physical copy of a Nintendo game from an authorized retailer
  • Locate the product code on the packaging
  • This is usually found on the back or bottom of the box
  • Go to https://www
  • nintendo
  • com/redeem and enter the 16-digit product code when prompted
  • Follow the remaining instructions on screen to complete your purchase and receive your Nintendo points!

How to Earn GOLD POINTS (Money) on Nintendo Switch Physical Games

How Do You Get Physical Nintendo Game Points?

Assuming you mean Nintendo Switch game points: There are a few different ways to get physical Nintendo Switch game points. One way is to buy them from the Nintendo eShop.

You can also get them by redeeming codes from select retailers or by purchasing and registering certain games. Finally, you may be able to earn them by participating in certain promotions or activities.

Can You Get Gold Points from Physical Games?

No, you cannot get gold points from physical games.

Did Nintendo Get Rid of Physical Rewards?

No, Nintendo has not gotten rid of physical rewards. In fact, they’ve been expanding their offerings in this area lately. For example, they now offer My Nintendo Gold Points, which can be redeemed for physical rewards like games, accessories, and more.

They also have a partnership with Best Buy where members can get exclusive discounts and physical rewards.

How Much is 300 Nintendo Points Worth?

If you’re looking to purchase some Nintendo Points, you may be wondering how much they’re worth. Here’s a breakdown of what 300 Nintendo Points will get you: -1 NES Virtual Console game

-2 WiiWare games -3 DSiWare games -10% off an eligible digital game on the eShop (Nintendo Switch, 3DS or Wii U)

How to Get Nintendo Gold Points for Free

Nintendo Gold Points are a great way to get free games and content for your Nintendo Switch. Here’s how you can get them for free: 1. Sign up for a My Nintendo account.

This is required in order to receive Nintendo Gold Points. You can do this by creating a Nintendo Account or signing in with an existing one. 2. Link your Nintendo Switch console to your My Nintendo account.

You can do this by going to Settings > Users > Linked Accounts on your console. 3. Complete missions! By completing certain missions, you’ll earn Gold Points that can be redeemed for digital games and content for your Nintendo Switch system, as well as select Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems.

For example, you might earn points by registering your game cards, connecting online, or participating in surveys and polls. Check out the full list of missions here . 4 Redeem your points!

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them in the Rewards section of My Nintendo . Just look for the rewards featuring the Gold Point icon . Some rewards may require additional steps before they can be redeemed , so make sure to read the redemption instructions carefully before proceeding .

5 That’s it! These are just a few simple ways to start earning freeNintendo Gold Points . Be sure to check back often as new missions and rewards are added periodically !


In order to get Nintendo points for physical games, you need to purchase a qualifying game from a participating retailer. Then, you can submit your proof of purchase online to receive your points. The number of points you’ll receive depends on the game you purchased.

For example, Super Mario Odyssey will net you 100 points, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild will give you 250 points. There are also certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify, such as the game must be registered within 30 days of its release date and it must be bought new (i.e., not used). If all goes well, you should receive your Nintendo points within four weeks!