How to Get Text Messages on Both iPhone and iPad?

Today, the phone lets us easily maintain communication with families and friends via text message. But this scenario is a little bit different when we talk about Apple devices. Although you have the same iCloud account for iPhone and iPad, you aren’t able to see the text messages both on the iPhone and iPad.

This is because iPad and Mac have free iMessage service but that is only confined to Apple devices. So, how to get text messages on both iPhone and iPad type questions may arise inside you naturally.

How to Get Text Messages on Both iPhone and iPad?

If you have friends or family without an Apple device, you may face difficulty while sending traditional messages. Thankfully, Apple allowed this service through some techniques.

So, if you own an iPhone, sending or receiving text messages using the iPhone will be shown on your Mac, iPad, and iPod as well. Therefore you can easily maintain conversation from any of your closest devices. 

Difference Between iMessage and Text Message

You may have a question: Apple allows iMessage for free, so why do I need a text message also. Let’s see some differences between iMessage and Text Message.


iMessage is one type of message service that only circulates into Apple devices. You can get this service for free and there is no text limit like a text message. You can use iMessage service through WiFi or cellular data. WiFi could give you free service whereas cellular data will cost you a penny.

Text Message

It is just like the traditional massage service, for instance, SMS, and MMS. This type of message can be sent through any non-Apple device. Here you have to pay some pennies to send a message. Besides, some cellular plans will confine you to a text limit.

The way to Set up SMS and MMS Messaging

To activate this facility, your device has to meet the Continuity system requirements then follow the following steps.

First, make sure that each device is logged into your iCloud account using the same Apple ID.

On Your iPhone

1.  Now, through your iPhone, navigate to Settings => Messages.

2.  When you reach the Message you may see Use your Apple ID for iMessage and turn it on. Here you have to ensure that the same Apple ID is used in iPhone and for iMessage on your other devices. You can easily check it at the top of the screen. 

3.  Now scroll and find Text Message Forwarding this option will allow you to get iPhone text messages to send and receive other devices. Now tap on that option then you can select by toggling on which device (iPad, Mac) you want to get a text message facility. 

4.  Once you toggle using the iPhone, you will get a security code on your selected device and type that code on your iPhone. Then you can start to communicate with each other using the Apple device. This service can’t normally handle SMS messages.

5.  So, you have to go to scroll down and select Send & Receive from the Messages. You can see your Apple ID at first then you will find the “You Can Be Reached By iMessage At” section. 

6.  Now in this section set your phone number and email address. Below this section, you could see “Start new conversations from” here you can also add an email and phone number. In each of the sections, you can add more than one email address. 

On Your iPad

In the following, you can learn the setup process of text messaging on your iPad.

1.  First of all, navigate Settings => Messages and turn on the iMessage then go to Send & Receive

2.  Now check to make sure the same Apple ID is used on your iPad that you used on your iPhone. You can find the ID at the top of the screen. If you find nothing then type to sign up in that Apple ID. 

3.  After that, in the “You Can Be Reached By iMessage At” section you have to set your phone number. Besides, you are able to add more than one email in there to get text messages. 

4.  Now, you will also see the “Start new conversations from” at the bottom of your iPhone. From here you can start the conversation by selecting the phone number or email.

5.  Again back to the Messages page, you will see Send Read Receipts which will notify others when you read their message. 

6.  Below that, you will find the Block option which helps you to block particular people to send you any message.

7.  After moving down you will notice the Keep Message option which allows you to store the message. Here you will find 3 options like 30 days, 1 year, forever. You can store the message based on the storage of your device.

8.  Below that you will find the Audio Message option which also helps to store messages either forever or just 2 minutes.

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