How to Get Vanguard Weapons in Warzone

If you’re looking for the best weapons in Warzone, you’ll want to get your hands on Vanguard weapons. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Vanguard weapons in Warzone. There are a few different ways to get Vanguard weapons in Warzone.

The first is to buy them from the in-game store. The second is to earn them by completing certain challenges. And the third is to find them in loot crates.

The easiest way to get Vanguard weapons is to simply buy them from the in-game store. However, this can be expensive, so it’s not always the best option. If you want to save some money, you can try earning Vanguard weapons by completing certain challenges.

For example, you can earn a free VLK Rogue shotgun by getting 10 kills with shotguns in multiplayer matches. Finally, if you’re lucky, you might be able to find Vanguard weapons in loot crates. These are randomly spawned around the map and usually contain high-quality items.

However, they’re also very rare, so don’t count on finding one of these anytime soon!

  • Go to the Armory in Warzone and purchase the Vanguard weapons
  • Equip the weapons and go into a match
  • Kill enemies with the weapons to earn points
  • Reach the required amount of points to unlock the weapon skins


How Do You Get a Warzone Vanguard Loadout?

There are a few ways to get a Warzone Vanguard loadout. The first is to buy the Battle Pass for Season One, which will unlock the blueprint for the AK-47u at Tier 15. The second way is to find it in bunkers around Verdansk.

The third way is to purchase it from the in-game store using COD Points.

How Do I Get the New Vanguard Gun?

In order to get the new vanguard gun, you will need to purchase the Season Pass for Destiny 2. With the Season Pass, you will automatically receive the gun when it is released.

How Do You Transfer Guns from Vanguard to Warzone?

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to transfer guns from the game Vanguard to Warzone: “Vanguard” and “Warzone” are two popular first-person shooter (FPS) video games. In “Vanguard,” players can use a variety of different weapons, each with their own statistics and abilities.

In “Warzone,” however, players are limited to using only the default weapons that come with the game. However, it is possible to transfer guns from Vanguard to Warzone using a simple process. First, players need to go into the settings menu in Vanguard and select the “export” option for their gun data.

This will create a file that can be saved onto the player’s computer. Next, players need to open up Warzone and go into the “import” menu. Here, they can select the file that was exported from Vanguard and import all of their gun data into Warzone.

Doing this will allow players to use their favorite weapons from Vanguard in Warzone!

How Do I Unlock Vanguard Loadouts?

If you’re looking to unlock Vanguard Loadouts in Destiny 2, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. For starters, you’ll need to reach the soft power cap of 1600 – this can be done by completing activities and earning powerful gear. Once you’ve reached 1600, speak to Zavala and he will give you the option to purchase Vanguard Loadouts for 200 Legendary Shards each.

Once purchased, you can access your Vanguard Loadouts by opening up the menu (pressing down on the d-pad for consoles, or ‘m’ for PC) and selecting ‘Vanguard’. From here, you can select which loadout you want to use – each one is specialised for different situations. So what exactly are Vanguard Loadouts?

Well, they’re essentially pre-set character builds that come with their own weapons and armour. They’re perfect for those who like to have everything planned out in advance, or for those who want to try out a new playstyle without having to start from scratch. Hopefully this has cleared things up – good luck on your journey through Destiny 2!

Why Can’T I Use Vanguard Weapons in Warzone

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Warzone, you may have noticed that you can’t use Vanguard weapons in the game. This is because Vanguard weapons are only available in the full version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and not in Warzone. While this may be disappointing for some players, there are still plenty of other great weapons to use in Warzone.

So don’t worry too much about not being able to use Vanguard weapons, there are plenty of other options available.


In order to get Vanguard weapons in Warzone, you will need to purchase them from the in-game store. You can find them under the “Weapons” tab, and they cost 500 CoD Points each. Once you have purchased a Vanguard weapon, it will be available for use in all game modes.