How to Hook Up Xbox to TV Without HDMI [Step By Step Guide]

Of course, playing video games through Xbox is exciting. But there are certain preconditions that prevail. You need a smart television set for using the Xbox console.

What if you lack a smart television?

In this case, you need to know how to hook up Xbox to tv without hdmi. Because the old television sets do not have the HDMI port.

They arrive with AV ports. However such ports are incompatible for the Xbox console. The console requires an HDMI port for connection.

Not to worry. This post will explain the process. In fact, here, you will get the key way to connect your Xbox to an old television.

Let’s explore the process.

What are the Differences between Smart and Television Sets?

Well. There are several differences available for old television sets and smart televisions.

The key difference is that the old sets cannot be used for internet browsing. You cannot use the television to enjoy music from online resources. Also, it is not possible to stream television shows using the internet.

On the other part, smart televisions provide you with ample opportunities. They are able to browse the internet, stream music and video content, and many more.

Moreover, a smart television allows the users to play video games. As they have different connection ports, you can smoothly get in touch with highly enjoying video games.

As a result, people are more tend to get smart televisions to replace their old ones.

How to Hook Up Xbox to TV Without HDMI?


It may sound scary. But the process is pretty easy. You will need the following items.

  • A mini HDMI to AV cable converter
  • A USB cable
  • Xbox console
  • An AV cable

Step 1

First, get the mini HDMI converter. Check if the converter is okay and there is no physical damage. Otherwise, it will not function properly.

Step 2

Now, check the AV cable. Make sure both ends of the cable arrive with the red, yellow, and white color connectors.

Step 3

This time, you need to check the USB cable. Connect the universal port to the Xbox console to provide power. And then, plug the other USB portion into any power socket. Ensure the socket is stable and provides the right amount of power.

Step 4

Next, you have to connect the AV cables with the mini HDMI converter. Check that you are connecting the cable to the right ports. Then, connect the HDMI connector of your Xbox to the converter.

You have successfully established the connection between your old television set and the Xbox console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any demerit of using old televisions for Xbox consoles?

Well. There are some demerits of using an old television set with the Xbox control.

You know the smart television arrives with the latest technological features. Hence, you can enjoy the top-quality resolution of images, while the sounds are also appreciable. But using an old television may not provide the same experience.

Using an old television may result in unclear images. Besides, the sound may not also be up to the mark. So, your gaming experience may be an unpleasant one.

Can I use the Xbox console for playing with other platforms?

The answer is affirmative.

However, in this case, you need a platform that supports cross-platform consoles. In fact, compatibility is one of the core issues here.

So, you need to check if the other platform is compatible with your Xbox. If you find compatibility, you can enjoy gaming with your friends using different platforms.

Why do I need a smart TV to use Xbox?

The answer is simple. Xbox is one of the latest inventions. It arrives with a number of modern features. Smart televisions can comply with the features.

But the old televisions are not compatible with the Xbox console. For instance, you will need an HDMI port to connect the Xbox console to the television. And you will not find it on the old televisions. Besides, the image resolution is also not up to the mark with the older TV sets.

Hence, it becomes a bit troublesome to adjust the Xbox connection with the older television sets. Thereby, you will need a smart television set to use Xbox.

Can I run all the games on Xbox?

This is a bit critical issue. Almost all the games are compatible with the Xbox consoles. But at times, there are certain hardware requirements.

If there is a hardware mismatch, it would be difficult to run the games.

The best you can do is to check the gaming requirements. Assuming that you know your hardware configuration, check if that is compatible with the game. If there is incompatibility, it would be impossible to run the games.

Last Words

So, it was all about how to hook up Xbox to tv without HDMI. Perhaps, you have a precise idea about the entire issue. From now on, it will not be a big deal for you to connect your Xbox to a television.

However, if you are still in trouble, feel free to seek our support. We are always there. Write down the problem in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading, and you can share the post without a second thought.

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