How to Play Music Through Mic?

Discover how to play music through the mic by reading the step-by-step instructions. With a decent microphone and beautiful song, you can entertain users in a discord channel, gaming communities, or any other voice chat application with crisp, high-quality music.

How to Play Music Through Mic

Playing sounds (over the mic) nevertheless can sometimes be desirable to others when done in the right place and at the right time. Without any further ado, here is how to play music in discord via your microphone. Enjoy.

Note: This method only works on Windows operating system.

How to Play Music Through Mic:

First, make some changes to “Sound” on your computer.

  1. In the Windows search bar, type “Manage audio devices” without the quotes. When the settings app shows up, open it.
  2. Switch to the “Recording” tab.
  3. Disable the default microphone device. To do this, right-click “Microphone” and choose “Disable.”
  4. Right-click “Stereo Mix” and choose “Disable” in order to disenable the device.

To complete the process, let’s also tweak some settings in discord:

  1. Open Discord desktop or web application.
  2. At the bottom left screen, click the “gear button” to enter user settings.
  3. From the side menu, click “Voice & Video.”
  4. At the top screen, change the “Input Device” to Stereo Mix.
  5. Under “Input Mode,” ensure the checkmark is set to “Voice Activity” not “Push to Talk.” The former allows sounds played through the mic to be heard by users in a discord channel.
  6. Toggle off “Automatically determine input sensitivity” and set the sensitivity to -10 decibels.
  7. You can now play music through your microphone.

If your microphone is of good quality and you have some nice tunes on your device, then you can turn a disk jockey, entertaining other members of the community. But do not use this to annoy fellow users in a discord channel, online gaming communities, or even those chatting with you through a voice chat app.

That’s how to play music through mic. If you have any questions or would like to drop your thoughts on this post, please use the comments section below. Don’t also forget to share this article with friends who might need this information.

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