How to Play Smash 4 on PC

Have you been wondering How to play smash 4 on pc? Though the sm4sh is designed for the Switch and Wii U consoles, there’s a way to play the game on your computer using a smash 4 emulator called Cemu emulator.

How to play smash 4 on pc:

You’ll need the Cemu emulator, plus the other three files installed on your PC to enjoy games like smash bros. The other three files will ensure you get the most optimal installation.

Step 1:

Head over to, scroll down and download the latest version. Ensure your computer meets or exceeds the system requirements.

For instance, if the version needs a minimum of 4GB RAM, it’s best you have 8GB RAM or more installed for the better gaming experience.

Step 2:

Go to the cemu hook website, navigate to the download section, and choose the newer version available. Cemuhook is a graphic pack configuration. Alongside this, you’ll need to download cemu graphic packs from this GitHub page.

Cemuhook plugin and graphic packs both improve your game loading time. Specifically, the graphic packs will help you tune your resolutions, contrast, and more

Step 3:

Install the “MappleSeed” zip file on your computer using this link. MappleSeed allows you to download game updates and DLCs.

Note: to download games, google “smash 4Wii u iso” or go to gamebanana for game mods.

Installation process:

Step 1:

Extract all downloaded files – you should have four files. Then, open up theCemu emulator folder in a separate window.

Step 2:

Copy and dump all the files from the graphic packs into the “graphic pack” folder of the Cemu emulator.

Step 3:

Open up the MappleSeed folder, and take the MappleSeed file into the Cemu emulator folder. Lastly, copy all the files, except the resource link, in the cemu hook folder into the emulator folder.

It’s time to configure a couple of things on the Cemu emulator. Open up the Cemu emulator, and navigate from options to graphic packs.

Here, you can control the graphic quality of your game and activate mods. Always ensure to put your downloaded game mods in the graphics packs folder, unless the website indicates otherwise.

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Smash 4 Configuring your emulator:

Step 1: game controller settings:

Click “Options” and select “Input settings.” You’ll need to modify “Controller 1” and “Controller 2”.

Under controller 1, open the “Emulate Controller” and pick “Wii U gamepad.”You can also assign game keys on your computer. For “Controller 2,” choose “Wii U Pro Controller.”

Step 2: additional settings:

Lastly, click the settings tab and go to general settings. From there, you can choose your game path. Click “Add” and browse for your game folder. All your games should populate in the Cemu dashboard.

If, for any reason, your game(s) is not loaded, click on “File,” then select “load.” You can then choose the folder where your game is located.



Important note: check the bar at the bottom of the Cemu emulator screen to see if you’re requested to download a font pack. If you the notification, click on it.

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As a side note: using this smash ultimate emulator, you can’t play online multiplayer, at least for now. That’s how to play ssb4 on pc. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below.

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