How to play Video Games when you have no time: Student’s Guide

Ever caught in a situation where you have no time, but you still want to play a video game? This is a problem that most gamers with demanding study, jobs, and families are experiencing. Balancing their study life or family relationships with games becomes a major challenge due to limited time.

How to play Video Games when you have no time: Student’s Guide


Video Games


Worry no more! Professional writers from CustomEssayOrder will help you with the home assignment of any level, you can fully enjoy video games without dedicating much of your time. Anyway,  if you are in this category, pay attention to more of the following tips on how to play video games when you have no time game.

1.   Avoid Impulsive buying of games.

Perhaps, this is the trickiest tip for most of you because I am recommending something that you love and find it difficult to stop. I know that as a gamer, you love moving with trends.

Whenever you walk down the streets and see a game that looks interesting, you may want to purchase it unplanned and try it out.  If this becomes the norm, you will have a stock of movie games that you never find time to play.

Remember, your primary challenge is time. I’m not suggesting that you stop buying games, but I am rather advising you to limit your buying behavior. Only purchase the game you have planned for and ensure you play it before moving to the next game.

2.   Pick only one really good game.

Anthony Davis a web designer from says: “As a teenager, money was only my limiting factor. I could afford a single game after a couple of months; therefore, I had to ensure it was a good one. Now, I don’t have time for games.

If you are a gamer and you have reached this level, you have to plan the same way you budget your money so that you can play a full game in your free time.” That means you can’t be getting on with video games that do not respect your time.

The solution to this problem is to make a careful choice and stick to it. Most people find it difficult to follow this rule because they love games and have a terribly short attention span. You may be one of them, and concentrating on this particular game may be difficult.

However, with wise decisions, you can manage to pick one really good game that will interest you. You will ensure you play more games within your limited time.

3.   Take a Nintendo Switch for a Job

This is not just a Nintendo fangirlism talking.  The switch enables you to use the time that will otherwise be unavailable for playing games, whether it is half an hour on the train, fifty minutes while the baby is napping, or twenty minutes in bed.

With the Nintendo Switch, you can play eighty hours of Breath of the Wild on maternity leave in about thirty-minute sessions. Even if you don’t like Nintendo, the switch is now available to every indie of the past years.

My friend has come across so many excellent video games in the past and spent forty hours playing Hollow Knight, but it hasn’t interfered with the time that he could spend with his family or at work.

4.   Play with a Partner or with Kids

If you live with a partner or have kids, play with them.  There is a golden period when children are between three and ten-years-old, when they may want to play video games with you.

Of course, keeping to kid-friendly video games limit your options, but if you can get them into something you are interested in playing, you are golden.

This option can also give you a chance to reconnect with series such as Pokémon that you might have played in your childhood but drifted away in your adulthood. If your partner love games and you can afford it, consider playing with her.

5.    Replay Games that you love

Are you between games, or you are not sure of what to play next? No worries. Pick a game you love that you love, but you haven’t played in a few years. Nothing is wrong with playing a game you’ve beaten before.  Just like re-watching your favorite movie, you can find delight in a game you’ve played four or fifteen times.

Personally, I have games that I have played but still try o replay after every year, and it is all fun. While repeating the game, you can find something new you didn’t notice before or focus on different components of the game’s design.

6.   Know your Time Satisfaction Ratio

Ask yourself, ”do I need to play a lot to feel satisfied? For example, the difference between World of Warcraft and League of Legends is that you don’t’ have to play many hours to feel satisfied. Both are excellent games, but for one, League of Legends, you only need between thirty to forty-five minutes to enjoy a gaming time, while for World of Warcraft, forty-five minutes is merely a warm up time.

So, the big question is, ‘‘is this question worth my time?’’You don’t want to play five hours daily to feel satisfied the same way you would spend thirty minutes on another game.  I stopped playing video games for a long time due to the notion that satisfaction for a game comes when you dedicate at least five hours a day, which I couldn’t afford anymore.

This unmotivated me, and I became too old to play video games. This is not true if you know how to maximize your time on a game that will make you happy.

7.   Let go of Guilt emotions.

Never feel sorry for playing video games or think of it as a guilty pleasure because it is not. You may feel that video games are unimportant sometimes because you have a lot of things to do, like going to the gym, reading your work emails, learning a new skill, reading a book, or spend time with the family.

However, you need time for yourself. If video games make you relax and happy, you are going to be a better partner, parent, and more productive at work. Also, you can always ask for assistant from professionals at PerfectEssay and save more time for your interests. So, never think of video games negatively, but always take pride in it if you love playing, especially when you use it to relax your mind.

Video games help you relax, especially after long hours of work. However, sometimes, you may be too busy to find free time to play video games. Despite your busy schedule, you can still find a way to play video games. Follow the tips above to learn how to play video games when you don’t have time for games.