How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android?

At times, you will need to find out how to recover deleted apps on Android phones. Maybe you mistakenly delete an app, or you concluded the app has outlived its usefulness, but its need later resurfaced.

Virus attacks and factory data reset are other reasons that could lead to cases of app deletion. In any of these events, however, you’ll need to figure out how to recover the deleted app.

Deleted Apps On Android

To recover an app you deleted, all you need to do is get to the uninstall history and install the app back. But how can you do that? That’s exactly what this article will explain.

How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android?

One of the easy ways to recover the deleted app in question is to use the Android app uninstall history feature. To get this done, follow the steps below.

Step 1:Openthe Play Store app on your Android device. If you are not already logged in, do so with your Google account details. On the home screen, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left corner, and then select my Apps and Games.

Step 2:On the My Apps and Games screen, click the tab labeled All or Library. Now, you will see the entire list of all your apps, both the installed and uninstalled ones.

Step 3:Find the app you want to recover from the list. After locating the app you’re looking for, click “Install” in front of the app to reinstall (or recover) it on your phone once again.

It is important to note that the apps under the All or Library tab are arranged according to their order of installation. So, if the app you are looking for happens to have been downloaded for a very long time, you may have to scroll down a little before finding it. I brought this up so you won’t scroll halfway, stop, and conclude the app is not on the list.

Step 4: After tapping install, the app will start to download and then re-install afterward. Congratulations, you now have the app back on your phone.

I have to mention that this method, most of the time, works for apps installed through the Google Play Store. If the said app was downloaded over the internet, or you received it through a file-sharing applikeXender, then this method may not work.

What data is deleted when you delete an app?

Any files that belong to the app you uninstalled will be deleted. These files will include saved login details and cache data that are created when the app was installed and running.

But at times, an application may leave behind an empty folder on your device. You can always delete the leftover folder to free up space on your device.

Is it possible to recover deleted data from Android Phones?

When an app is uninstalled, all of its data is permanently deleted from the device’s internal storage or SD card. Fortunately, you can recover some removed data if they are backed up on cloud storage such as Google Drive.

For example, you can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, photos, voice notes, and even videos after reinstalling the app on your device, provided that you back up your WhatsApp data on cloud storage. Besides, Android recovery tools such as PhoneRescuecan also be used to retrieve lost data.

How do I Restore and Settings to a New Android Phone?

Google automatically backup information like calendar entries, contacts, call logs, and more to the cloud so you can continue where you left off in the event that you got a new phone.

To restore your existing app data and settings, the Google backup service must have been enabled on the previous device. To restore your backed-up information to the new phone, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the welcome screen when setting up the new device.

How do I restore my game data on Google Play?

Even after moving to a new device, you can continue your games from where you left off. This will only be possible if the game in question autosaves its progress and you’re signed into the correct Google Play games account. To restore your saved game progress to your new phone, follow the detailed instructions found here on the Google Play Help resource center.


By applying the steps above, recovering deleted apps on Android shouldn’t be a complicated process. If you have any additions, please drop them in the comment section below. Did I miss something? Let me know about it too.

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