How to Remove Yourself From A Group Text Android

Find out how to remove yourself from a group text android. Leaving a group conversation on your Android device might be required when you’ve been dragged into a group chat you don’t ask for. The chat’s messages sometimes keep buzzing, get overwhelming, and ultimately become annoying.

How to Remove Yourself from a Group Text Android:

  1. Open the stock messaging app on your Android.
  2. Tap the group conversation you want to leave.
  3. At the top right corner, hit the three dots.
  4. Select “delete” from the list.
  5. Tap OK if you’re prompted to confirm your action. After this, the group conversation will be removed from your Messages app.

Another Way:

You can also stop receiving unsolicited messages by informing the person who started the group. Let them know you despise chatty group messages and would like them to REMOVE you.

By communicating your feelings about the stack of messages, they should respect your decision by removing you from the group.

This may also let the person think twice in the future before adding you to a similar chat. But if you don’t want to be somewhat confrontational, use the first method I outlined up there.

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