How to Reset Ooma Telo 2

To reset ooma telo 2, press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds until all the lights turn solid red. Resetting ooma telo 2 is necessary at times when it is not functioning properly.

It is an easy process and can be done by pressing and holding the reset button for at least 20 seconds. After resetting, it may take a few minutes for the device to restart and begin functioning again. This process will erase all the data from the device, such as the preferences, configuration settings, and phone number assignments.

Subsequently, it will go to its original factory settings. After the reset, the device can be reconfigured manually or guided by the ooma setup on its website. The most crucial function of the reset button is to fix problems that arise with the system.

Reasons For Resetting Ooma Telo 2

Resetting your ooma telo 2 can help solve various issues. Outdated firmware can cause glitches and bugs that affect call quality. This is why it’s important to reset the device and update the firmware regularly. Another reason to reset your ooma telo 2 is network connectivity issues.

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or dropped calls, resetting your device can often solve the problem. Call quality problems can also be fixed by performing a factory reset. So, if you’re facing any of these issues, try resetting your ooma telo 2.

Just make sure you save any important settings before performing the reset.

Preparing For The Reset

Resetting your ooma telo 2 device can be a quick and straightforward process, provided you prepare correctly. Begin by ensuring the device is switched off and all connections are secure. Also, make sure you have your login details handy to avoid any unnecessary delays.

By following these steps, the reset procedure should be smooth and uncomplicated.

How To Reset Ooma Telo 2

Resetting your ooma telo 2 device can help solve a wide range of issues. If you want to try resetting your device, there are two options: soft reset and factory reset. A soft reset will restart your device, similar to a computer restart.

However, if you need to completely erase all of your personal settings and start fresh, a factory reset will be the better option. To soft reset, simply unplug the power supply, wait for 30 seconds, then plug the power back in.

To perform a factory reset, press and hold the “stop” and “trash” buttons for 30 seconds. After the lights on the Telo 2 turn red, release the buttons and wait for the device to reset. Give these a try and see if they help resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your Ooma telo 2.


Resetting ooma telo 2 devices can often fix issues such as connectivity or call quality. However, problems may arise even during the reset process. One common problem is the device not responding to the reset process. In this case, unplugging the device for a few minutes and then attempting to reset it again can solve the issue.

Another issue can be the device’s wi-fi network not being detected during the reset process even though it is available. In this case, checking the router configuration or performing a factory reset may help. Furthermore, make sure to follow the reset process instructions carefully and avoid interruptions or power fluctuations.

Identifying and resolving these issues can lead to a successful ooma telo 2 reset.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Reset Ooma Telo 2

How Do I Reset Ooma Telo 2 To Factory Settings?

To reset your ooma telo 2 to its factory settings, locate the reset button on the bottom of the device. Using a paper clip, press and hold the button for about 30 seconds until all the lights on the device start flashing rapidly.

Release the button to complete the reset process.

What Happens When I Reset Ooma Telo 2?

When you reset your ooma telo 2, all the settings and configurations will be erased, and the device will go back to its original factory settings. This means that you will lose all your personalized settings, such as custom ringtones, speed dials, and other preferences.

How Do I Know If My Ooma Telo 2 Needs A Reset?

If your ooma telo 2 is acting up, like experiencing dropped calls, poor sound quality, or other issues, a reset may be necessary. You can also try power cycling the device or checking your internet connection before performing a reset.

Can I Back Up My Ooma Telo 2 Settings Before Resetting?

Yes, you can back up your ooma telo 2 settings before resetting the device. To do this, log in to your ooma account, go to the settings page, and click on the backup button. This will save your current settings as a file that you can restore after the reset.

Will Resetting Ooma Telo 2 Delete My Account?

No, resetting ooma telo 2 will not delete your account. You can still log in to your ooma account and reconfigure the device with your account details. However, as mentioned before, all your personalized settings will be erased, and you will have to set them up again.


With easy-to-follow steps mentioned in this blog post, resetting your ooma telo 2 is no longer a daunting task. Whether it’s for troubleshooting or simply personal preference, knowing how to reset your device can be a lifesaver. Understanding the different methods of resetting will help you get your device back up and running smoothly.

You can choose between resetting via the device, through your account portal or manually. It’s important to remember to go through the appropriate steps in order to avoid further damage to your device. By following the simple yet effective instructions mentioned here, you can reset your ooma telo 2 device and be able to utilize the full range of features it offers.

Ensure that you keep the precautions in mind and always double-check the process while resetting your device, making sure that it’s done safely and correctly without any hassle.

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