How to Restore Backup to New Iphone from Mac

1. Connect your new iPhone to your Mac using a Lightning cable. 2. On your Mac, open iTunes and select the device icon in the upper-left corner. 3. Click Summary, then click Restore Backup in the right pane.

4. Select your backup from the list of available backups in iTunes and click Restore.

  • Connect your new iPhone to your Mac using a Lightning cable
  • Open iTunes on your Mac
  • Click on the device icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window
  • Click on the Summary tab in the left sidebar
  • Click on the “Restore Backup” button in the right pane
  • Select the backup you want to restore from the drop-down menu and click “Restore
  • Enter your password if prompted and click “OK
  • Wait for iTunes to finish restoring your backup to your new iPhone

How to Restore iPhone Backup From Macbook | iPhone 6 to 12 mini backup restore|use iTunes in MacBook

Can I Restore My Iphone from Backup After Setting It Up As a New Phone?

Yes, you can absolutely restore your iPhone from a backup after setting it up as a new phone! This is actually a pretty common thing to do if you’ve just gotten a new iPhone – simply set it up as new, then immediately restore from your most recent backup and voila, all of your stuff is right where you left it.Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this.

First, make sure that the backup you’re Restore from is compatible with the new iPhone – if it’s not, you may run into issues. Second, restoring from backup will overwrite any data that’s currently on your new iPhone (which is why it’s important to make sure everything is backed up first), so make sure you don’t have anything on there that you want to keep before starting the process. Finally, be patient – restoring from backup can take a while depending on how much data there is to transfer.

Assuming all of those boxes are checked off, though, restoring from backup after setting up your new iPhone as brand-spanking-new should be no problem at all!

How Do I Extract Iphone Backup from Mac?

Assuming you would like a step by step guide on how to extract an iPhone backup from a Mac:1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a Lightning cable. 2. Open the Finder app on your Mac.

3. Click on the device icon in the left sidebar of the Finder window. This will open up a new Finder window displaying the contents of your iPhone. 4. Select “Backups” from the list of options displayed at the top of the window.

5. Right-click (or Control+click) on the most recent backup and select “Show Package Contents”. A new Finder window will open, displaying all of the files that are contained within your backup folder. 6. To access specific files within your backup, double-click on each file type listed below:

* App Domain – com..

* Media Domain – com...

mediaDomainFor example, if you wanted to access files for WhatsApp, you would navigate to com.WhatsApp as seen in screenshot 1 below:7. Within each domain, there will be different folders containing different types of data for that particular app or media type respectively:

* Library – stores application specific data such as user settings, preferences, and cached data

Restore Iphone from Backup on Mac

Backing up your iPhone regularly is always a good idea, and if you ever need to restore your iPhone from a backup, it’s easy to do on a Mac. Here’s how:First, connect your iPhone to your Mac using a Lightning cable.

Then, open iTunes and select your device.Under the Summary tab, click “Restore from this backup…” and choose the most recent backup of your device.iTunes will begin restoring your iPhone from the backup file.

This process can take a while, so be patient. Once it’s done, your iPhone will restart and you’ll be all set!


If you’re an iPhone user who relies on a Mac for your device backups, you know that restoring a backup to a new or factory reset iPhone can be a bit of a process. In this article, we’ll show you how to restore your backup to a new or reset iPhone from your Mac!

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