How To Sell Used Graphics Cards

If you are looking for the best and reliable places to selling your used graphics cards, then surely “How to sell used graphics cards” article will let you know the best ideas.


used graphics cards


It is clear that we always sell our second handed things in order to upgrade them. Especially when we look forward to our gaming pc then it needs up-gradation each year, because these pcs are compact.

Using your old useless graphics card can harm your pc easily let us collect some money to change it, but wait? What will you do with the previous one?

How to sell used graphics cards? – A complete Guide:

Hey buddy, say thanks to online marketing where you can buy and sell all types of things old/new.

Surely when you sell your previous graphics card, then it will give you some money to buy a new one. Also, you will get out of rid of the junk of your gaming pc.

Isn’t it good? Yes, it is!

What are you thinking about what will be it work for? Don’t worry! Your gaming PC’s junk will be working for a normal pc, while the buyer will surely get advantages from this little piece of a jumble.

Often people want to keep their old graphics cards in order to secure their data; because sometimes new graphics cards won’t work.

Nonetheless, don’t worry; it happens in very rare cases. Like if a person has integrated graphics, then there is no reason for custody this little piece for backup purposes.

Best online places to sell old graphics card:

Hey, you seem quite tense by keeping a silly question “How to sell used graphics cards.”


sell used graphics cards


Well, don’t worry! Today we are especially here to let you know that on which places you may sell your old graphics card; so let us dig some deeper;

1. Facebook groups/pages:

Local Facebook pages are the most innovative way to buy/sell new/used things. You just have to find your local Facebook group or page that can cover your area easily. Now post that you are selling a used graphics card in order to upgrade.

Often people believe that used things can work better than new ones, and I’m sure a game lover will definitely buy your graphics card. On the other side, people send their used things detail on Facebook pre-loved pages to sell out.

These page admins take 5 to 7 % of commission from each sale, and they really try to your sell. Well, I must clarify that before selling a graphics card.

You have to post genuine detail and real pictures. Once you let the party satisfied, then surely you will easily sell a video card.

2. E-commerce Sites:

Undoubtedly e-commerce sites are the best platforms for shopping and selling, including; Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc.

you just have to set a seller account on these sites and leave a post of your used graphics card on your account.

These sites have millions of visitors daily; it means a lot of chances of selling your graphics card. Rather than these international e-commerce sites,

You may search for your national e-commerce website with a good number of traffic.

After having an authorized e-commerce site of your area, you should post detail of your graphics card and wait for sometimes.



3. Online hush-hush websites:

As this online world is full of options and there is a lot of chances of selling and buying. Yes, here still, I’m about going another way to sell used graphics cards.


used graphics cards


The Internet has introduced a bunch of hush-hush websites that are providing satisfaction for shopping and selling. These sites are Oodle, OLX, Locanto, Craigslist, and many more.

In my research, these hush-hush websites are the best sources of selling and buying used things such as; Intel HD overlock, Intel graphics overlocks, and others. Even these sites can give you the best rates than any ordinary online selling site.

Recently I have to sell GPU on OLX and believe me, I got the double price from the market. It is only why because people prefer online shopping instead of exploring market shops.

Even your online buyer will not make you insist on decreasing your rate and will pay you on time.

4. Contacts and friends:

Last but not least, an option from me would be your friends and contacts (for selling your graphics card.) Make sure our last way for selling graphics cards is an unofficial and offline way.

Simply tell you all friends and contacts that you won’t sell your card and surely any one of them will buy for his/her integrated pc. Undoubtedly friends and relatives are the most prominent people on which we may easily believe.

There is no chance for any scam, and they also will be free of tension. Other online selling and buying could be risky sometimes. I must say try this last suggestion first and then for the rest.

Bottom lines:

All the above ideas for selling graphics cards are my own experienced. I mean easily, you follow them in order to sell your graphics card without any confusion. Well still you have any confusion then please reread the article “How to sell used graphics cardS”

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