How to Start A New Game in Pokemon Sun?

If you want to learn to start a new game in pokemon ultra sun and Moon, then the “How to start a new game in pokemon sun” article will guide you better.

Games are always adventurous for all of us. Today highly advanced featured games are introduced by different developers. Some video games are getting fame day by day, and the range of their players is increasing.

Pokemon is one of the most popular games of this decade that has a variety of missions to complete. Well, today, here we are mainly present to let you know “How to start a new game in Pokemon Sun.” if you are a new player and not much familiar with Pokemon, then you will be inspired by this guide page.

Most of the players complete their Pokedex (main quest) by collecting each TM and proving themselves as Pokemon master. They never leave anything behind and want to enjoy this treasure game again and again.

Obviously, a fantastic game played eventually. Similar to these types of games, pokemon ultra is also can be restarted for play. If you want to get its adventurous experience again after its victory, then yes, it is possible.

This time the Pokemon character may be different so, without getting any late more, let us start our guide.

How to Start A New Game in Pokemon Sun? – Complete Guide:

No matter if a player is new at Pokemon games or he selects a second-hand copy of pokemon ultra sun and Moon to play. Keep in mind that Pokemon games are carrying only one save file to play. For the second time, you have to buy another copy of it.

Mainly people wipe off the whole data on the recent cartridge to play it again. Resetting the game factory will work great for starting the Pokemon game. This will not consume much time. Keep in mind that for the second time, you will not have a “New game option” on the main menu that makes you feel unlike.

We have another way by which you may play a new Pokemon game, but for this purpose, you will lose all that you have earned previously. Even all your attached Pokemon will leave you at the start, and you can never have them back again in your game.

Well, we will not go with this cheap method and let us choose something extra. By following the procedure below, you will get everything that you already attached to the game.


1st step:

First, please boot your game in order to open the cut scenes to play. For booting, never open the main menu.

2nd step:

Have your D-pad press B, X, and all up directional buttons to load a reset optioned menu. In this menu, you will be asked for resetting your game again.

3rd step:

Press the YES option and reset all your games to play again.

Now, you are absolutely allowed to start Pokemon games again with old attached kinds of stuff. The method we have shared with you is so simple and easy to follow. Seriously how simple it was? Your old Pokemon progressive game is not changed in a new game.

All your previous victories are completely erased, and all are replaced by a new Pokemon game. Now make yourself ready to take a new start with the Alola region once again.

Make sure that restarting Pokemon sun and Moon are tending with the same procedure. It is no different in restarting this game, similar to the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Omega Ruby/ and Pokemon X/Y game.

You just have to remember that B+X and up directional keys are to press jointly.

Bottom Line:

There is no restriction to starting the pokemon sun/moon game again. Memorize all the above procedures and start this again many times. Each time you will have a new adventure to experience. I am sure that now you are fully familiar with the game by reading “How to Start a new game in the pokemon sun.”

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