How to Stop iTunes From Opening When iPhone is Connected?

If someone wants to stop iTunes from opening by connecting to the iPhone then the “how to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone is connected” article will teach him/her everything.

How to Stop iTunes From Opening When iPhone is Connected?


We all know that iTunes is an admirable media player that supports both PC (Windows) and Mac. When we connect an iPhone to a computer then iTunes opens automatically; no matter if you are going to run it or not.

It is all happens just because of the defaulted automatic syncing option of media players. If a user wants to sync device or open software then he/she can easily stop iTunes from opening until the iPhone is connected.

My Personal Experience:

Personally, I always would like to keep my iPhone updated and synced without any wire and avoid iTunes as possible as I can. This is why I never feel any requirement of apple’s bloated music app. normally I plug my iPhone in an electric switch nearer to my bed and charge it overnight. Further, in-office or in travel prefer to charge my iPhone through my computer Mac.

Why should not I thank the technology that gives me a great chance to stop iTunes from opening? This iTunes prevention starts automatically when an iPhone is connected to a laptop or a PC.

Well, this short article is greatly designed for you all especially those who want to stop iTunes from opening and want to connect their iPhones still.

No problem if you are one of them! Anyways be calm and read until the end surely at the last line you be able to do all and will know a genuine answer of “how to stop iTunes from opening when the iPhone is connected.”

Stop iTunes from opening by connecting iPhone with MacOs – Complete Procedure

For this purpose in Mac please open iTunes and go à to the preferences. You may use shortcut keys on the keyboard (Command-comma.)

Later, tap the Device Tab and check out a particular box that caring all options from syncing automatically (prevent iPods, prevent iPhones, and prevent iPads.)

Simply choose to prevent iPhones and do whatever you want.

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Stop iTunes from opening by connecting iPhone with PC – Complete Procedure

Let me tell you to trick for this purpose that when you are going install iTunes then please install another app named (iTunesHelper.) through this app you will look after all activities in the background and will communicate to iTunes to stop when we connect an iOS device with it.

In case of its, disability iTunes remains inactive until we launch it again. Look, a person wants to disable this helper app then he/she should open the TASK MANAGER then press START-UP TAB.

Search all given lists in order to search the iTunesHelper app. Once you get then simply press right-click on it and then click DISABLE OPTION.

Restart your computer now and see iTunes is no longer remaining in it; though it will not open when you connect your phone with your PC for any purpose.

Returning iTunes:

In order to have iTunes again by an auto-launch way you just have to open TASK MANAGER again and find iTunes. Again press right-clicks on it and selects ENABLE OPTION to get it back.


Hey, are you ready to have a bonus now? Yeah, I know you are! here I am going to show you (how to stop the MacOS Photos app from opening automatically?) as a bonus.

Similar to the iTunes app, the Photos app also gets open when we connect an iPhone to the Mac. It may irritate you also let us try to learn how to can we stop it.


At the start connect your iPhone with a Mac and you will see the photos app. Keep the sidebar visible to proceed and (go the VIEW a SHOW SIDEBAR.)

Now, find your iPhone below the IMPORT OPTION in the sidebar and un-tick the box at the top right corner to close photos for this device.

Over to you:

We have made a short but highly informative article for all of you. For any kind of inquiry, you may check “How to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone has connected” again.

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