How to Take Voice Over Off Samsung Tv?

There are a few reasons you might want to take the voiceover feature off your Samsung TV. Maybe you find it annoying, or maybe you just want to watch a show in silence. Either way, it’s easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

  • On your Samsung TV remote control, press the Menu button
  • Scroll down to the Sound menu and select it
  • Find the Voice Over option in the Sound menu and turn it off

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on Samsung TV

How Do I Turn off Voice Over on My Tv?

To turn off voiceover on your TV, press and hold the mute button on your remote control for three seconds. Voiceover will then be turned off. You can also access the closed captioning menu by pressing the menu button on your remote control, and then selecting Closed Captioning.

How Do I Turn off the Voice on My Samsung Remote?

If you’re not a fan of the voice feature on your Samsung remote, it’s easy to turn off. Here’s how: 1. Press the Home button on your remote to access the main menu.

2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings, then select it with the Enter or Select button. 3. Navigate to Sound and select it with the Enter or Select button. 4. Find Voice Guide and set it to Off using the arrow keys, then press Enter or Select to confirm your choice.

5. Exit out of Settings and enjoy your new mute remote!

Samsung Tv Voice Guide Won’T Turn off

If you have a Samsung TV and the Voice Guide won’t turn off, there are a few things you can try. First, check to see if the Voice Guide is turned on in the accessibility settings. If it is, try turning it off and then back on again.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting the TV to factory settings. Finally, if all else fails, contact Samsung customer support for further assistance.


If you’re not a fan of the voice-over feature on your Samsung TV, you can easily turn it off. Here’s how: 1. Press the Menu button on your remote control.

2. Navigate to Settings and select Accessibility. 3. Under Voice Guide, select Off. That’s all there is to it!

Once you’ve turned off the voice-over feature, you’ll no longer hear the narrator speaking when you’re watching TV.