How to Text Someone When Blocked [Simple Trick]

Communication is the word of the day, right?

In fact, nothing is possible without an effective communication. If you cannot send your message right, the receiver will not get the meaning.

But what if you get blocked? You are unable to communicate. Even, you will be unable to send a text message.

Do you know how to text someone when blocked?

Don’t worry if you are unaware. This post will help you know the process. Here, you will know how to send text message to someone even if you are blocked. We made it easier for you.

So, let’s explore the process.

What is A Text Message?

Perhaps you have the idea over text messaging. But let’s recap the concept again.

Text messaging is a type of communication system used in mobile phones. You can send messages to anyone using your text message option.

You need to write down the messages using the keypad of the phone. There, you can send whatever you want – but in the text format. There would be no photos or other clips.

This is a great way to communicate. And millions of people use text messages every day to send messages to their intended persons.

However, if someone blocks you, initially you cannot send the text. It will not be delivered to the mail box of the recipient. But there are some alternatives available, as well.

How to Text Someone When Blocked?


If you are victim of text message blocking, you need no worries. You can send the text via alternative sources.

While using social media outlets, you can easily determine if you are blocked or connected. But when blocked via mobile phones, it is not possible to know. You may get some notice that – your message has not been delivered.

Use A Third-Party App

This is the first solution. When you are unable to send the text, or you get Not Delivered message, follow this option.

Regardless of your mobile phone operating system, you can download the apps.

Search Google Play Store or App Store for any third party app. Download the app and install it on your phone. (We are not mentioning the names for some other issues. A simple googling will help you get the names of those third-party apps.)

Then, launch the app and follow the steps or directions mentioned to send the text message.

In the beginning, you may need to type the phone number and then the message. And then tap on the sent option. The message will be sent to the intended recipient.

Apply Anonymous Texting Method(s)

For your convenience, we are explaining another method. It is anonymous texting. Using the method, you will be able to send text message to any of the numbers in the world. Surprisingly, your identity will remain hidden to the receiver.

By searching the internet, you can get numbers of similar service providing websites.

What you need to do is to browse the site, put (or write) the text messages, type the phone number and click on send option.

It is too simple to follow.

Benefits of Text Messages

Do you know why text messaging is getting popularity over the other communication modes? Check the reasons here.

Instant Communication

The very first thing is instant communication. When you send an email, the recipient will not be able to check it instantly. But when you send a text message, the recipient will get it right at that moment.

So, you can smoothly and effectively send the messages in less than a second. Besides, the message recipient also replies immediately after getting the message. Thereby, people prefer the text message services.

Economic Feature 

At the same time, the cost of sending a text message is lower. Even it is lower than making a phone call.

By investing a fraction of a phone call cost, you can send text message. Also, some of the mobile phone subscribers have bundle options. You can get a bundle of text messages at a lower cost than expected.

Effective Smart Communication

Using text messages is also a way to be smarter in communication. For instance, not everyone is ready to receive a phone call. But if you send text messages, it will not embarrass them. They can easily respond without feeling hesitated.

Also, texting is a way to send reminders or about upcoming events. So, when you use it, the recipient can get the notice of the event or issues.

Last Words

Now, you have a comprehensive idea on how to text someone when blocked. So, do not overthink why you are blocked. You have multiple ways to send messages to the recipients, if they block you.

However, if you need further clarifications, you can write us. Use the comment section and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Happy texting!

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