How to Transfer All Your Photos to a New Iphone

1. First, back up your photos from the old iPhone to a computer or cloud storage. This can be done through iTunes if you have a PC, or with iCloud if you’re using a Mac. 2. Next, make sure that all of your photos are stored in the same place on your new iPhone by downloading them to an app like Google Photos or Dropbox.

3. Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and select where you’d like the images stored (iCloud, Google Photos, etc.). 4. Once this is done, open up the photo app on your new phone and select “Import” from the bottom menu bar – here you’ll see all of your backed-up photos ready for import onto the phone’s camera roll/gallery! 5. When everything is imported successfully, go ahead and delete any duplicates from either device to free up some space!

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

  • Connect your old iPhone to your computer using the Apple Lightning cable: First, you need to connect your old iPhone to a computer with a USB port using the original Apple Lightning cable that came with the device
  • Open iTunes and select “Back Up Now”: Once connected, launch iTunes on your machine and select “Back Up Now” from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen
  • This will create an encrypted backup file of all of your data, including photos
  • Disconnect and turn off your old phone: When finished backing up, disconnect and power off your old iPhone before moving onto step four below
  • Turn on and set up new iPhone: Next, power on your new device by pressing down both side buttons until you see the startup screen appear followed by setup instructions for entering in personal info such as name, language choice etc
  • Follow this process through until you reach what is known as “Set Up From Backup” page within settings where it asks for either iCloud or iTunes backup options – choose iTunes here! 5
  • Select backed-up file from list in iTunes : Selecting this option will bring you back into iTunes application where it should automatically detect both devices (old & new) being connected simultaneously via USB cable connection – if not then go ahead & manually select each one from drop-down menus available at top left hand corner of app window respectively according to their names/IDs provided; when ready click ‘Restore Backup’
  • 6
  • Wait while transfer occurs : At this point just wait while all content transfers over including photos stored on previous phone which can take some time depending upon amount being transferred – once complete simply disconnect cables & enjoy having same photo library across two phones!

How to Transfer Photos from Old Iphone to New Iphone After Setup

Transferring photos from your old iPhone to a new one is easy and straightforward. After setting up your new phone, make sure that iCloud Photo Library is enabled on both devices. Then open the Photos app on each device and wait for them to sync with iCloud.

This will transfer all of your photos from the old iPhone to the new one, allowing you to keep all of your memories in one place!

How Do I Transfer All My Photos from One Iphone to Another?

Transferring photos from one iPhone to another is a relatively simple process that can be done in several ways. The easiest way is by using Apple’s iCloud Photo Library, which allows you to store all your photos on the cloud and access them from any device connected to the same Apple ID. Once set up, it will automatically sync all pictures taken with both devices, making transferring between iPhones easier than ever.

Another option is AirDrop which allows wireless transfer of files between two iOS devices – simply make sure both phones are unlocked and have Bluetooth enabled then select the images you want to move and tap ‘Share’ followed by ‘AirDrop’. Finally, if you prefer physical media transfers, iTunes can be used as well; connecting both iPhones via USB cables and selecting ‘Transfer Purchases’ will move selected media files including photographs over.

How to Transfer All Photos from Iphone to Iphone Without Icloud?

Transferring photos from one iPhone to another without using iCloud is a fairly straightforward process. First, you’ll need to connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network and make sure they have Bluetooth enabled. Then, open the Photos app on your old iPhone and select all of the photos that you want to transfer.

Finally, tap “Share” in the top right corner of the screen, choose your new phone as the recipient device, and hit “Send”. The selected images will be transferred over with no hassle whatsoever!

How Do I Transfer All My Photos to My New Phone?

Transferring photos from your old phone to a new one is relatively easy and can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Next, you will have to install an app such as Google Photos or Dropbox on both phones so that they can communicate with each other over the network.

Once installed, open the app on both phones and select which photos you would like to transfer by selecting them in the gallery of your old phone. Finally, tap “Send” and wait for the images to appear on your new device!

How to Transfer Everything from Iphone to Iphone Without Icloud?

If you’re looking to transfer everything from your old iPhone to a new one without using iCloud, the best way to do it is with iTunes. First, connect both iPhones to a computer and open iTunes. Then select the device whose data you’d like to transfer and click on “Backup Now” in the Summary tab.

Once that’s done, disconnect the first phone and connect your new device instead. On this screen, select “Restore Backup” under Backups and choose the backup file of your old phone which will then be transferred over to your new phone. Afterward, both phones should have all of their data completely synced up!


Transferring all your photos to a new iPhone is a simple process that doesn’t need to be stressful. With the help of iCloud and other cloud-based storage services, you can quickly transfer all of your photos without any hassle. Plus, with the built-in camera app on iOS devices, you can easily take more pictures and store them in the appropriate library for easy access.

By following these steps, you will find it much easier to transition from one phone to another or just keep your current photo library updated with ease.

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