How to Transfer Photos From Phone to SD Card?

So, you are suffering like me for the want of space on the phone? Yes, this is a highly common issue. You are not alone here. Many smartphone users witness this problem. They struggle to make some space. Always.


But, if you know how to transfer photos from a phone to an sd card, the problem gets solved.


Transferring the photos will empty some space from your phone’s memory. And thus, it allows you to use the additional space.

However, you need to explore the answer below. This post is about transferring photos and other data from a phone to external storage. Besides, you will have some additional information.

Why do you need to transfer files from photos to sd cards?

This is a valid question. You know how to transfer photos from phone to sd card. But do you know why you need that?

There are several convincing answers.

The first thing is that it will empty some space in your phone. It will make some useful space for your additional use.

Besides, you will enjoy a faster processor speed. When the phone is burdened with photos, it cannot work properly. The processor needs to work harder. As a result, the phone loses its natural performance.

But removing the photos will relieve the burden. The phone can work faster.

Thirdly, you can use the empty space for emergencies. At times, we need some additional space. But when the phone is fully loaded, it is tough to manage the space. Besides, there are time constraints. The scenario is the opposite for a phone with empty space.

How to transfer photos from phone to sd card?

Well. There are several ways to perform this function. But those may confuse you. So, here I am explaining a universal way to follow. I hope it will help you grasp the idea. Let’s check it below.


  • Smartphone (Android operating system preferred)
  • SD card

The process

Step 1

Go to the Home Screen of your device. Then select Apps from the icons installed there. Next, select My Files.

Step 2

Select options. You will have several options there like audio, images, and others. Now, tap on the menu icon. The icon is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the desired images you want to transfer.

Step 3

After selection, tap on the menu. Then, tap on Move. It will show the SD card (also known as a Memory Card).

Now, you have to navigate to a folder where you want to place the items.

You are done!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete photos from my phone?

Well, the process is simple. You have to go to Gallery on your phone. There you will have all the photos.

Now, select the photos you want to remove or delete. Right after the selection, tap on the menu. The Menu is located in the upper right or left corner. Browse the Menu.

Click on the Delete option. All the selected photos will be deleted. Instantly.

Is it necessary to empty phone space?

Of course. It is highly necessary. Unless you empty the space, you cannot enjoy the smoothness of your device. When a device is filled, it performs slower. Moreover, you will have more other malfunctions.

On the contrary, if you regularly clean the space, you can have the optimum performance.

How can I transfer files to an SD card from an iPhone?

Well, there are no such ways. An iPhone comes with a huge storage capacity. So, you do not need to empty the storage.

Moreover, there are no options in the iPhone to attach an SD card. Usually, iPhones have extended memory. And honestly, it is tough to fill all the space even if you are a hardcore user.

However, if you want you can clear the cache. Or delete the photos. Or uninstall the other less-used apps.

Hope you now know how to transfer photos from your phone to your sd card. So, now keep transferring photos from your phone to an SD card.

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