How to Unlink Nintendo Network ID From 3DS?

Who wants to know the basics on “how to unlink Nintendo network id from 3ds?” if you are looking for an authentic way, then yes, here this is!

How to Unlink Nintendo Network ID From 3DS?

As you already know, the Nintendo network id works for different gaming consoles and it can be run online also. Please remember! There is a significant difference between the Nintendo network id and the Nintendo account.

All Nintendo familiars are having Nintendo accounts and ids. Unfortunately, new users do have not much idea about the Nintendo account and id linking.

Generally, by connecting both things, you may increase your gaming experience. The combination of Nintendo id and account can help you get shop funds by the device also.

Whatever! On another side lot of players want to unlink both Nintendo IDs/accounts for different purposes.

For you and me, there should be a lot of genuine reasons for unlinking the Nintendo id, especially from 3ds. A lot of people want to sell their 3ds because they have to unlink Nintendo id etc.

Anyways, the reason does not matter, but the actual thing is the proper way to know to unlink the Nintendo network id from 3ds.

Make sure your Nintendo network is connected with your Nintendo account in 3d already. Now, we are going to unlink your id from your account for your personal purpose.

1. Unlink Nintendo Network ID From 3DS:

Absolutely we can envisage you and your deeds for this unlinking. There could be a lot of reasons for the unlinked Nintendo network id. Don’t worry; the proper way is given below for especially your help.

Make sure that after unlinking your Nintendo network id with an account, the entire funds will be automatically transferred to the Nintendo account. For the re-arrangement of your funds, you have to re-link both of these anyhow.


  • Open your web browser and directly go to After entering the web page, you will ask for your email address, so; enter your email address with a password. (Please enter your Nintendo account-associated email address only.)
  • Go to the Menu first and look at the left side.
  • There is a user info option tap it and scroll down.
  • After that you will have an edit option; please hit it in order to see all your linked accounts.
  • In these accounts, your “Nintendo Network ID” will be available with a tick mark.
  • Un-tick “Nintendo Network ID” and “Remove Nintendo Id From 3DS” easily.

2. How to Delete Nintendo Network ID?

Before learning the complete method for deleting the Nintendo network id, remember that you cannot restore again once it deletes. It contains multiple funds and licenses from other deleted accounts in the Nintendo e-shop.


  • Open your device and go to the system settings a home menu Nintendo network id settings.
  • After entering the Nintendo network id settings choose the other a delete Nintendo network id.
  • Now you will be asked for entering four digits as pin codes and then hit à.
  • After confirmation, choose the reason for which you are going to “Disconnect Nintendo ID From 3DS.” I would like to prefer (I want to delete my NNID and all Nintendo eShop funds, software licenses, etc. that are associated with it). Well, sometimes deleting NNID is not good to choose due impossibility of recovery.
  • Read all the info on your screen and press three next contiguously Next a Nextà The last Next will show you three points on your screen. I agree with these all and proceed.
  • After that tap (understood) at the bottom of your screen; Keep in mind that this option will not show you if you did not tick on all the listed agree-on points.
  • Lastly, press Next delete, enter your Nintendo network id password, and press Confirm.
  • For confirmation, the system will ask you last time to delete it. Now press (delete), and yes, you have done it.
  • If you are not completely sure, then you may go for cancel.

3. How to Remove Nintendo Switch Controller?

This is the most interesting part of the article. On which you learn genuine information about the removal of the switch controller from Nintendo.

Well, basically, we remove the switch controller at the end of the game party. At this time, we detach all our controllers with consoles. Detaching controllers could be tricky and time taking, but if you have proper knowledge, then it will take only a few minutes of yours.


  • Look at the switch Home Screen and select system settings.
  • Go to the Menu and choose Controllers and Sensors.
  • Press Disconnect Controllers at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now we will come to the switch console. Fasten two joy-cons simply.
  • X key is available at the right Joy-con presses it long until your controllers detach easily.
  • At this point in the procedure, detach both joy-cons from your console and reattach them together as a pair of joy-cons.
  • Finally, press OK at the last

 Congratulations You Have All Done it!

Bottom Lines:

The “How to unlink Nintendo network id from 3ds” article has two more essential procedures to follow. For getting info read it fully with proper attention. Surely you will be well learned at the end.

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